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electric pumps

electric pumps

I’ve been pumping on and off for a few years, only recently, after reading from this wonderful forum have i begun to take it seriously. I have a hand pump but it seems like the electric pumps may be better but they are cost prohibitive for me. Does anyone use an electric pump? Notice any difference? I thought maybe purchasing an acquarium pump for about $12 may be just as good as the 1 to 2 hundred dollar pumps. Any advice or input would be vastly appreciated. thanks, nala



Most of us here do not use electric pumps. If someone who does reads your post, you may get some answers. If not, consider getting maximum benefit from the manual-pump you have already by establishing a regular schedule of pumping such as 5 days on and 2 days off and sticking to that like Super Glue.

You won’t see any long-term benefit from pumping (or any other PE exercise for that matter) by approaching PE haphazzardly. Commit yourself for the long-run, a year is a good period of time to consider. Naturally, if your parents come to visit there goes the schedule temporarily but PE is not so unforgiving that occasional, short breaks affect gains in progress.

See the thread, “Build your own pump for $20” if you’re mechanically inclined. In my case, the aquarium pump isn’t going to seen anything but angelfish and neon tetras but maybe you can figure out a way to incorporate it into a workable pumping program. Just don’t damage your unit, OK?



Oh, shit! (and this aside has nothing to do with “nala” or his questions).

This is post # 900 for me. I was saving it for some ragging message to Thunder about my Mod paycheck delays but wasn’t paying attention to the count.

You see, he lives in this very rural place. His mail comes in and goes out via clipper ship once a year when harbor ice melts (very briefly). Maybe it’s still cold where he is - I don’t know - but I’ve lost my chance this shot.



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