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Electric Pump Comparison

ttiger, greetings:

I’m working up to buying an electric pump, and also singled out these two. I’m presently using a hand pump from Vacutech, and I like the company and the product very well. Recently on the internet I read a report by a CTC user who complained that his pump leaks oil, is noisy, disappointingly low-tech, and overpriced. He nonetheless said that it does a good job despite these drawbacks, and a couple of replies by other users confirmed his general opinion. A recent thread on this forum praises the CTC pump consistently highly, and now I’m not sure what to think. All this is by way of saying that I, like you, wiuld much welcome advice from anyone who has had a chance to compare these two products.

As far as I know, CTC pumps are the only ones on the market that “suck and release” (50 strokes/minute) to keep circulation going. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this feature, and just ordered an XL-3000 for this feature alone.

I don’t see the point of buying an electric pump just to maintain a constant vacuum. That’s very easy to do with a $25 manual pump from AutoZone. If you are having problems keeping the pressure up with a manual pump without constant pumping, it means you need to A) Use more and/or better lube B) Get a better fitting tube C) Trim your pubic hair back. You should be able to achieve an almost perfect seal with a manual pump if you do all these things. I wouldn’t waste my money on an expensive electric contraption that offers no benefit over a cheap/simple manual device.

On the other hand, I’ve been simulating a poor man’s version of the “suck and release” by, for lack of a better term, “fucking the tube,” and the results have been promising. It’s very tedious to do this for extended periods of time, however, and I’m sure it’s nowhere near as effective as the real thing. The CTC electric pumps are expensive, but provide extra value for the money. All other electric pumps I’ve seen just provide a very expensive way to compensate for the lack of a good seal.

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Thanks I didn’t think anyone would respond to this thread.

Actually since I posted this I have done quite a bit of research and already made my decision to go with the CTC 3000-XL pump.

To Redlight:
I haven’t heard anything bad about the CTC pumps but there is always at least one person that has a bad experience. I would call up the owner if I were you and get some first hand advice. I talked to him, very helpful guy and convinced me easily after I got all the information.

To Mushroom:
Yeah that is exactly what I heard also about the suck and release. Its the only pump that really gets rid of the blood stagnation problem. I can’t imagine spending all that money for one of those other pumps and just to get a constant vacuum. The suck, pulse, release should make pumping a lot more enjoyable and beneficial. I’m getting mine this week. Also going to get the stallion cock cushions I have heard those are fucking great.

ttiger and mushroom:

Thanks; you have me convinced. Ttiger — if you get yours this week, I’d be very interested in how you find it…..

You can bet I will post my initial thoughts as soon as I get it and my results as they come also.


Are you ordering yours this week, or expecting to RECEIVE your order this week? The owner’s wife just delivered a baby daughter last Friday, so he’s had his hands full and has fallen a bit behind on order fulfillment. He’s had a surge of orders and has a bit of an order backlog at the moment, because he has to hand assemble each device ordered. I ordered my XL-3000 along with a set of cock cushions and a constrictor ring on 11/4/03, and he says he’s working on it, but hasn’t shipped yet.


I’ll report back as soon as I receive mine and have a chance to try it out. You’d better get your order in early if you’re itching to try one any time soon. A line is starting to form. :)

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism

because it is the merger of state and corporate power."

-Benito Mussolini

Placed my order. Haven’t received it yet. Yeah I know about his baby and all the orders recently. I’m willing to wait no big deal. Seriously there seems to be a line forming fast for the xl-3000s and the stallion cock cushions.

I will report as soon as I get mine. Also nice of course that they don’t bill your card until it actually ships.

Did you get your order in ahead of me?

I have had an XL2000 from CTC for over 5 months now and swear by it..

They do recommend oiling the cylinder every 20 hours of use for maximum longevity. (the pump that is :) )

The only complaint I have is that the penis cyinder rubbers are a little hard against the body and I since invested in the ones from PumpToys - much softer with a flanged entry.

One tip I find works well is to run hot water in the tube first to warm it and then pump with a heated wheat bag wrapped around the cylinder. Much quicker filling the tube - then a good massage every 1/2 hour or so with Vitamin E cream before going back to pumping.


I believe the XL-2000 and the XL-3000 are the same pump. As far as I can tell, the XL-3000 is an XL-2000 pump mounted inside a lockable case with a gauge on the outside.

I already had cylinders, so I didn’t order any from CTC. The last one I ordered was one of those nice ones with the silicone seals from PumpToys.

I’m going to start applying some kind of heat soon. There is a discussion of IR heat going on in another thread. I thought it would be cool to combine the heat pad idea with the IR idea by trying to find an IR heat pad. I found one, but it’s pricey ($250), so maybe I’ll just get an ordinary heat pad and an IR lamp. I haven’t decided yet. I’d love to try the IR heat pad, but after just splurging on the XL-3000, it seems a bit extravagant. I’m tempted though.

I’m pretty lubed up with a water-based lube from my jelqing squeezing when I enter the tube. It’s a really good lube, so I get an extra good seal. I’ve heard it’s best to be well lubed when using the CTC pumps to avoid friction caused by your dick being pulled back and forth slightly with each pulse. I have a good MSM/Vitamin E/Ginkgo and Ginseng cream I sometimes apply when I’ll all done with a PE session.

What is your routine, and how much have you gained in the last 5 months using the CTC? Do you on a straight pumping routine, or do you combine it with other PE exercises? Did you have experience with a manual pump before purchasing the CTC pump? If so, did you notice a big difference? I am especially interested in how effective the CTC’s “suck and release” action is at preventing the donut effect, and keeping circulation flowing.

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism

because it is the merger of state and corporate power."

-Benito Mussolini

You are correct in that the 2000 and the 3000 are the same mechanism . Since I don’t do any travelling I was happy to stick with the 2000 rather than pay extra for the casing. I also had to purchase a step-down transformer (240 - 110 volts) , so that adds to the bulk.

I don’t do any other PE exercise or routine. Just pump sessions morning and evening - usually try to get in around 1 & 1/2 hours each time. with a 5 or 6 minute break between sessions to re-heat the wheat bag and cylinder and massage Vitamin E cream in well.

My usual practice is to start off with the 2” cylinder for the first 1/2 hour then switch up to the 2 & 1/4” fpr the last two sessions.

My measurements when I started were 4 & 1/2” length and 4 & 1/4” girth. Now after 5 months my length has increased to 5” and my girth is the same - 5”.

While I don’t get a mushroom effect, the area around the frenum becomes quite inflated and super-sensitive so that love-making sessions after that are out of this world.

As I said in another thread I did not start out with the idea of lengthening and since the exrtra girth adds so much pleasure I am happy to continue along my present lines.

Happy pumping its great fun.!*#!

P.S. A very pleasant masturbation routine can also be carried out using the pump by pulling up manually against the suction stroke of the pump and letting go on the pause. Adds spice and variety!

Just got my xl-3000 pump the other day. I have had a couple days to try it, and all I can say is wow. It’s great almost no significant fluid build up, very pleasurable suck and release action. The other really cool thing is you don’t have to take breaks the pulsing action always keeps fresh blood circulating, so you can do one straight session and be done. It’s completely hands free after you put it on and flip the switch and adjust the pressure to where you want it.

This pump is well worth evrey dollar if you can afford it. If you are one of those guys that need to hide it, it comes in a workman type case bright yellow and black that matches many tool sets and I doubt your wife or gf could tell what it was or would suspect anything if they saw it sitting in your garage.

I also got a set of the stallion cock cushions and they are really nice too. Keep you nice and huge after you pump and are extremely comfortable to wear. Much more comfortable then any cock strap I have tried.

Mushroom did you get yours already? I know they are still super backed up with all the recent orders and the new baby the owner has.

I got mine Wednesday. Unfortunately I scraped some skin off the edges of my glands on Monday and it’s not healing very quickly, so it made testing the new pump a bit of a pain—literally :D

I tested out the pump Wednesday afternoon despite my sore glands. When I first turned on the pump it just about ripped my cock and balls off, because the release value wasn’t releasing at all! I adjusted the release screw every which way, and still, no release. I finally determined that in order for the valve to function properly, you need to have the thumbscrew almost all the way unscrewed.

Oddly, most of the range that you can turn the screw = release valve 100% blocked. Then, when you finally get to the mostly unscrewed position, it suddenly becomes VERY sensitive. Just a tiny fraction of a turn makes a huge difference in pressure. This makes it rather difficult to adjust, because just a little bump to the thumbscrew will swing the pressure enormously. It would be much easier to precisely control the pressure if the full range of the screw was used for adjustment rather than only about 5% of it.

After finally getting the pressure set to between 5 (release) and 10 (top of stroke), I did a 30 minute session without getting any donut effect. Someone else posted here that they did an entire hour at 8 (not sure if that was 8 average, or 8 Max at top of stroke) without getting any donut, so I tried a full hour session 10 hours later. I guess I pushed my luck that time because I ended up with a huge donut that took 36 hours to subside.

Yesterday I did two 20 minute sessions at the same pressure with a bit of jelqing in between and got no donut at all, BUT I also wore least constricting cock cushion (E) just below my glands as a donut prevention alternative to wrapping the circumcision scar.

I initially tried to use a strip of that self-adhering Ace-style bandage to wrap the head as someone in another thread recently suggested, but it wouldn’t stick to itself after I got lube on it. That was a big problem because you need to lube your cock up well in order to prevent friction burns on the glands from the pulsing motion. In any case, the cock cushion worked great as really quick and convent circumcision scar/donut prevention wrap.

It would be great if they’d make a wider, even less constrictive, cushion especially for wearing below the glands. My circumcision scar is 1.25”, so the cock cushion didn’t over the entire area. I suppose I could try using two cushion (D+E) if I ever have a problem with the lower portion of the scar bloating, but so far so good. I think the part directly below the gland is the most bloat prone anyway.

The pump itself worked great, but I have a couple questions for the rest of you guys with XL=3000’s.

1) I knew that these pumps leak a bit of oil, but mine is leaking more than I expected. I can’t really use the extra storage space inside the case to store any other PE supplies unless I didn’t mind getting motor oil on them. How much oil do your pumps leak?

2) If I keep the lid closed, the pump arm bumps the top of the lid a bit at the end of each stroke—enough to raise the lid a ¼” or so if it’s unlatched. The lid is flexible plastic, so the pump still functions properly if I clamp the box shut. I just wonder if it will shorten the life of the pump running it this way. The pump is much louder than I expected, after reading so many comments about it being quieter than other pumps. They must sound like rockets launching or something! Anyway, it’s somewhat quieter running with the lid closed, except for the little thud sound every time the arm bumps the lid at the end of each stroke. Does this happen with all XL-3000’s, or just mine?

3) Does your valve function similar to the way I described? Because the pump is so loud, I’d like to put it in a closet or another room and lay down a really long stretch of tubing. I’m afraid to do this, however, because then I’d be unable to monitor the pressure. I can’t really “set and forget” it, because the thumbscrew on the pressure release valve is so damn sensitive that any little tap will throw the pressure range off a LOT, and I wouldn’t be able to readjust it with easily because the gauge is built into the case which would be in another room. I’m thinking of adding an additional gauge on the line right off of the pump. Anyone know where you can get just a plain gauge not attached to a pump or anything else?

P.S. The cock cushions are fabulous; much better than anything I’ve tried for keeping a pump after a PE workout. They are exactly what I’ve been searching for. They clamp the base firmly enough to really hold the post-PE pump for hours, yet are still amazingly comfortable.

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism

because it is the merger of state and corporate power."

-Benito Mussolini

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