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Electric Pump Comparison

Just tried my new converter and it only works for 5 minutes before cutting off. It definitely says 60Hz.

Didn’t want anyone else placing an order for one.

Back to the drawing board!



I immediately checked the site you found and I was convinced that this time you had cracked it, as the products seemed so precisely geared for different purposes.

After all the time and effort you put in again, I am so sorry, you must be really disappointed. I hope you can get a refund from them at least. I got one from Maplin this week for the first converter, and I can send the second one back, but I really haven’t the nerve to do so as it isn’t exactly their fault. So I’m stuck with two, wonder if they can be used for anything else as they have not blown up at least, well as far as I know anyway.

Perhaps we should go back to jobloe and find out where to order the converter which he is using in Australia. So 60HZ basically means nothing at all.


Your suggestions

Hi ttiger

You are clearly a very busy man, so I can appreciate that it is perhaps difficult for you to find the time to read and reply to personal messages, so I cancelled the last unread one I sent to you.

I am assuming a message here is more convenient for you, especially as you started this thread and no doubt follow it’s progress from time to time.

Basically, I was wondering what you would advise us to do now, so that we too, can experience the very pleasurable suck and release action which you obtain from your CTC pump.

It just occurred to me that after all your initial research into pump comparison, you presumably know more about electric pumps than anyone else here and may recall something which we have overlooked.

We look forward to hearing from you. Rouss

I’m very sorry I didn’t see your message, sometimes I foget to check them sometimes.

I am by no means an expert on the electrical pumps although I maybe a relative expert since it seems there are not a lot of electric pumpers on the board :-)

I’m sorry I can’t help much on the converter situation if that is what you are talking about. I know next to nothing about electrical converters. Isn’t Chris from CTC working on your problem with the converters or an alternate euro version of the pump? If that isn’t what you meant and wanted advice on something else about the pump let me know and I will help as much as you can. I know its hard I was very impatient and excited to get my pump also but be as patient as you can and keep working with Chris. I know he’s very busy but he is a good guy and I’m sure he will help you get sorted out. He spent a lot of time answering my questions about the pump before and after I bought it.

Stay with it, once you get this thing solved and you are able to use your pump it will be worth it. It’s a really great sensation, I have lost a good portion of the discoloration I got from manual pumping and I believe that as time goes I will see good gains from it.


Thank you ttiger, for your prompt response and I do appreciate your willingness to give advice in the future, when no doubt I will have lots of questions, so it is good to have an expert to consult.

The pump is somewhat gathering dust, but there is no sign of rust or anything like that, just joking. It is really in very good condition, as new in fact, so it should last for years.

I am not aware of any further feedback from CTC as regards what we do now, but hopefully some day, perhaps even on this thread, we will find a solution from someone.

In the meantime, thank you again for your encouragement and happy pumping.



I have helped you In every way I could. You tell me in the last of 15 E-mails sent to me that things were fine? Then you go and try and make me look bad? And start treating my company?

I have been In contact with Fortex99 about his problem as of late only to find out that he did not read the Instructions. And has been using the system with the lid closed. Even when It says in bold letters “To Only Use The System With The Lid Open To Avoid Overheating” I bet you are doing the same. Also you must remove the foam packing support under the motor to keep the unit from burning up. Also I told you and him the specs of the converter then you go and use the wrong one? I do not know what Ill effects that could cause. And I do not know if at this point the motors are damaged. And if they will ever be the same?

Why do you stop asking for help then just start bad mouthing my company?
I do care about you and all my customers. And will help till your problem Is cured. Any questions on this matter in the future will only be anwsered by E-mail to me. Quit dragging me thru the mud.

Chris @ C.T.C.

MY XL 2000

Another XL 2000 user here in Oz! I bought my transformer from Tandy. It is a Arlec Step Down Transformer. Model 2166-ST. Rated at 250 watts. Output is 115 volts AC/250VA. It works beautifully. Motor will run for 2 to 3 hours if you ask it, and I do occasionally. The transformer gets hot but that is to be expected. That’s how it works. The motor never cut out and I oil the pump cylinder every month as Chris suggested.

Another thought here from Oz, search the web for “shaded pole parralel shaft motors”. You may find one to install in place of the 110 volt motor.


Actually no

Chris really,

Of course I did not attempt to run the pump with the lid closed and naturally I removed the foam packaging, it was very clearly marked and could hardly have been overlooked. Fortex must have got completely carried away in anticipation.

I was under the impression that the last converter he purchased was to the exact specification you suggested to us, and if it was not, I am sure he would have informed us of this immediately, to avoid further unnecessary expense and disappointment.

The one occasion when the pump worked for about 30 minutes using the VR05 (until the motor itself overheated and cut off) rather that the converter, is unlikely surely to have damaged it, you say the motor is ‘thermal protected’ as I recall, which I assumed was designed to prevent this possibility. I could be mistaken of course and this may not be it’s purpose at all, if so, I stand corrected.

So, it wasn’t the lid down, it wasn’t the packaging, it is very unlikely to be damaged, it doesn’t work with the 60Hz converter, what can I possibly ask by e-mail which hasn’t already been asked? Cause I sure as hell can’t think of anything.

I will continue to seek help from any source I can find, by whatever means I can think of. I am sure you mean well and I would like to think you have been working on it, but personally I do not think the solution is going to come from you.



Pleased to meet another Aussie chev. Thank you for the information both on a solution and on your success with the pump. You certainly believe in pushing it to its limits, the pump I mean, though that could be applied also to you know what!, but I won’t go there, lol.

I will check out the transformer you are using and let you know how I get on. I can’t imagine taking the second option, it’s too much like serious engineering, but who knows, it could be an interesting challenge.

Cheers Mate Rouss

Sorry to bring this up again but has the issue with the ctc pump in the uk been resolved?

The answer is no

Hi jo90,

Long time, no see!, hope all is well with you.

We are no further on, I had hoped that chev would reply to my private message to confirm the new serial no. of the converter he ordered several years ago, there are several possibilities and I really do not want to start a collection of transformers and converters, by adding yet another to my existing collection. lol. But as yet, he has not replied.

I know that fortex like myself, is totally pissed off with the whole thing, but he was considering contacting CTC to find out the price of the new European motor which they are willing to provide at cost price plus postage. He will let you know for sure, when he has the information.

For myself, I have received suggestions on possible solutions, such as ordering a motor from auto suppliers or manufacturers, even Thunder has tried to help despite his work load, but I am not confident that I can supply sufficient information without taking the pump itself, plonking it down on the table, and then the, “Here, fix this!,” scenario. This just doesn’t appeal to me somehow.

So I have decided for now, to wait a bit longer, in the hope that something less complicated turns up in the forum, it has only been a couple of months after all since I got the pump, and in the meantime I have been saving up, in case I have to go with the vacutech pump in the end.

Anyway, thanks for your consideration in asking how we are getting on jo.

Cheers rouss

New member requests feedback.

Well I didn’t expect to be back here, but life is just full of surprises.

Anyway, the reason is, I have just received a PM, seeking my opinion (much to my amazement) on the merits of this particular pump. My suggestion to him, was that members currently using the CTC electric pump would respond here with their latest progress information, which will allow help him decide for himself.

He has just replied in the affirmative, that this would be very useful to him.

Thanks, rouss.

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Rousseau506, I thank you again.

Most of the guys here who purchased the CTC XL3000 been using it for a while now and I would Appreciate the feed back with results so far, thanks a lot.


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