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Electric Pump Comparison

Naughty, naughty naughty!

Gosh memento, how did you find out it was a recent addition?

I suspected it was, but I had no way of telling! And I didn’t want to get into even more trouble with CTC, by suggesting it wasn’t there before.

This is a revelation don’t you think? I was going to ask if others had seen it, now I don’t need to bother. Enough said.

I am disappointed in you, you caused the problem at thunders place!, I could say it crossed my mind for a moment, he he, but it seemed such a ridiculous thought!

At least you fixed it, so my faith is restored. Thanks Rouss

By the way memento, since you are on form today, unlike yesterday, (sorry to mention this again)!, I must ask you sometime how I can add an avatar, I don’t seem to have any to choose from, that is if I am entitled to have one of course, after all, I don’t always notice things!!!! Get my drift?

Cheers, (still thinking off your initiative earlier, so impressed you went to the trouble). Guess I don’t need that medical checkup I was considering, at least not yet.


Hey Rouss,

There are no forum provided avatars. Find one that you like by searching a subject that interests you (no porn avatars allowed though) on Google, then after the results come back, click the images tab at the top of the Google search results and you should have a few to choose from.

You add an avatar through the usercp button at the top of the forum. There are size limits, I don’t remember what they are off hand, but I believe that information is there in the usercp. If you have problems, just ask.


Thanks for your input on this.

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Latest feedback from CTC

Just checked the mail, and one from CTC. (well it was all my mail actually, so you can see I don’t get much). Guess nobody loves me.

I think it is fair to say we are all stepping back a little, which is good all round. It appears the multiple messages I received before were not intentional, but an oversight from AOL.

I can of course give the full content of the email, if anyone wishes to have it.


Request for content of the e-mail.

Fortex has requested to see the content of the last e-mail, and as I would have to type it for him, I might as well share it with everyone. (Not really very good at sending attachments, surprise, surprise, it would probably never get to you Fortex).


Look I told you that I have sold them worldwide for the past 14 years and have had no problems before. Believe it or not. I did not mean to send more than 1 E-mail to you about this but I am having a problem with AOL? How many E-mails do you think I got from you?

And if you were talking to a pump company here in the US, can they sell you a 220 volt pump. I don’t think so. And they are surprised?

I know what things cost of this nature over there. And it talks about how long you should use the pump in the instructions that came with the system and on my website in the FAQ. I can’t tell people what to do. But I can tell them what is best. I will tell you this, to(o) much vacuum for to(o) long a period can be abusive to the penis.

I have tried to help you in every way I could. So how can that be bad for my Business. I cannot test the converter that you got to see if it performs to the spec that they say. If it did you would not have a problem. I know the specs for the motors I use. I have them made to my specs.

The last word I heard from you was that” the CTC pump is quite amazing, Cheers Ian” So I would think all was well?

Chris at C.T.C.”

This was received in response to my reply to CTC which I posted on the thread previously.

I would point out that CTC, not I, said it was bad for business, and I did say it was working well in my last e-mail to them with the new converter, which it was, until shortly after I sent it. Aware of becoming a nuisance to them, Fortex became our spokesman and shared the feedback with me.

Perhaps I should ask the Pump company I spoke to in the US, to join Thunders place, as CTC have just done and share their reasons why the CTC pump would never work as it stands outside the US, with all of us.

Fortex and I both got a refund from Maplin for our first converter, even though we sent it back broken, so surely it would not be inconceivable for CTC to test a similar converter for the good of their customers and their business and send it back for a refund also if they wished, it seems a good idea to me.

So there you have it

Hi Rouss,

Sorry to hear about your problems - must be a real drag!

No, my unit does not seem to get hot even after 2-3 hours continuous use. I did ask for the
largest power transformer they had - set me back another $200 AUD so it worked out quite
costly overall. However, I must admit it seems to be working fine after nearly 1 years’s continuous usage of an average 3 hours a day.

BTW Chris’s excuse about the need for different plugs etc. does not hold water I’m afraid, as any ordinary computer power cord over here will fit O.K.

Also there is a U.S. company selling a masturbation device (Venus 2000) which also has a low level vacuum device. They make up their units with 240 volt motors AS WELL AS the U.S. 110 volts.
Seems like Chris is not anxious to look around for local motor suppliers who could supply the alternate voltage motors. I am sure it would only need a competent electrical engineer to make a few simple adjustments so that they could work on either voltage and be shipped out to Europe, Australia etc. direct WITHOUT the need for expensive transformers.

I have been selling my own invention worldwide now for over 6 years on the net ( so I know important good customer relations are.

Best of luck and hope it finally works out for you.


THANKS Chris, you are a busy man. Hope everything goes to plan this time. Ian

>Subject: Re: Online order.
>Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 17:03:02 EST
>OK, I got your new order. I will cancel the first one now. In the UK you will
>need 115 @ 60 Hz converter 1.5 amps or 100 watts. Thank you for your order
>please allow 4 weeks delivery.
>Chris @ C.T.C.

This is for post #44 He knew before he ordered what he would need.
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Thunder’s Group,

The problem with the converters is the 50 Hz cycle. This is the reason the unit is over heating and shutting down after 10 minites of use. The motors are termal protected so they will not burn out! The converter need to be 60 Hz. not 50 Hz.

My company will release a XL-3000 Euro model in the next month or so.


I apologise in advance for being furious after reading the last post. So let’s just fill in the missing blanks.

31/10/03 from CTC
We are trying to ship your order out but the card declined. I do have one in stock so if we get your new card information soon, I will ship it right out. You will have to re-order with a new credit card or send Two E-mails with the new card information.

[Having ordered at the CTC web site, I was not aware that the price “ONLY APPLIES” to US customers. Others pay more than the price given, apart from what you expect to pay extra for postage. I am used to working out my finances based on the price I see for the product. I think this is a natural assumption! The extra cost is for what exactly? So the total exceeded the amount available on my card at the time].

1/11/03 from CTC
Ian, I will try again then I will ship. The total is 532.38 (UK pounds) for the XL3000 with 21/4” cylinder, plus 15% overseas postage and handling.

[Sorry my keyboard only has $ symbol, the message of course used the appropriate symbol for our currency. So I upped my credit limit and off it went. So now you all know my Dick size!, oops!]

27/11/03 from CTC
So you want us to build a system and ship it now is OK? I think you want the products. I just wanted to make sure.

[Yes, I think it seems that I want to buy this product!]

27/11/03 from CTC
OK I got your new order. I will cancel the first one now. In the UK you will need 115@60HZ converter, 1.5amps or 100 volts. Thank you for your order, please allow 4 weeks delivery.

[So almost 1 month from first placing the order, we mention the converter at last, as if I am now going to say cancel it if I have to use a converter. My new order just included extras since I had more available to spend and I love spending money.]

We all know there have been new additions to the site recently, perhaps even the prices now reflect your location, perhaps there is even new information on the information sheet. And I would just like to add:

”He knew it didn’t at that stage mention a converter on his site”

I apologise if I am boring anyone, but I will not be made out to be a liar.

Thanks joeblog for your input, (you don’t make pumps by any chance? guess not, more’s the pity). I will look at your site soon to see a professional company in action. And thanks to you brag for your message today, which I attempted to forward to Fortex, without success, as he is better at following up on technical information. Good of you to go to all that trouble. Any feedback you get from your contacts, if you would pass it to him, he’s smarter.


We are all together at last

So here we are, fortex99, rousseau506 and CTC Company all in the pumpers forum together. wonder what’s so interesting?


Hi Chris, I was just checking to see if my payment worked out well this time. I got the converter on Thursday, so that difficlty was overcome surprisingly easily. Thanks Ian

Thanks Chris, I managed to order the converter from Maplin, so thanks for the information as I would not have thought or this. Ian

>Subject: Re: Online order.
>Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 17:03:02 EST
>OK, I got your new order. I will cancel the first one now. In the UK you will
>need 115 @ 60 Hz converter 1.5 amps or 100 watts. Thank you for your order
>please allow 4 weeks delivery.
>Chris @ C.T.C.

Originally posted by memento
>I don't recall this being there when I first read the FAQ section<

It wasn't. Previous versions of the site show that it was added recently.

>Good to see the Technical Team have sorted the problem with the site, no doubt you were involved.
Yes I caused it.

I have copies of the old pages and the pages when the new site was first put up and this information has remained unchanged and intact both before and after. BTW I also tried to find a google cache of the page:…&hl=en&ie=UTF-8
Unfortunetly it doesn’t show when the page was cached.

Before you make statements like this I suggest you be ready to back them up. Please tell us all what evidence you have that this page was changed after this all started? I suggest you make a public apology to Chris for what you said.

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Holy monies batman

£532 = $982 How much extra stuff did you order ?

Thats like 600 dollars more !


||looking for something to .... about||


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