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Electric Pump Choices


I wish I could get a silencer for my electric pump then I could use it.

So let me ask a question. I do not have the money right at this moment for an electric pump. I ordered a hand pump that will be here on Thursday. What would you recommend I do as for getting close to the results as using an electric pump. I planned to pump to around 5 for two minutes, drop down to 1 for 30 seconds and repeat the process. I would do this for my entire pump session. What do you guys think.

Try it mate and let us know how it is, usually we go 10 seconds at 4 or 5 and 3 secs at 2 and repeat this.

Sounds good. I will definitely try it and let you know how it goes. I appreciate the advice. I am so excited. The pump is coming tomorrow.


Originally Posted by neverworks69
I wish I could get a silencer for my electric pump then I could use it.

neverworks69, you could experiment with a silencer box. Perhaps start with a cardboard box, wrap the pump box in towels, put that in the box. I’m thinking if you can experiment with different sound deadening material, Styrofoam peanuts, or a box lined with Styrofoam panels, cotton ? You might be able to reduce the noise to an acceptable level.

Thanks Dangler I am wrapping it in a blanket and putting pillows around it and shutting all the doors in the house to get it going but unfortunately I only get around to all that on the weekends. I hope I don’t damage the pump with all the sound deadening stuff though.

Megzabo please don’t go overboard on the pressure when you get the pump I know how easy it is to do this just stay under 5 Hg and you will be fine.

Neverworks, I got my pump today and I totally LOVED it. I got it from LA pump and it is so comfortable. I only went to 5hg. A couple of times I think I went to 6 but never went beyond that. I actually pumped for 2 minutes to 5hg, 30 seconds to 1-2hg and kept repeating that cycle. I did it for 45 minutes and it felt good. No fluid buildup. I will do a two on, one off schedule and see how that goes. Also I will be using the extender towards the end of the day for about 4 hours on the same day. I am looking forward to gains. Thanks for your advice.

Stick at it Megzabo and you will have gains within a month mate.

I am sure hoping to get results. I did a session today and wanted to do another one later on today. However, I do not want to get over zealous and over pump. I did not get in the extender today because my day was very busy. However, I will pump tomorrow and get into the extender. I do have a question however. Will it be a good idea to be in an ADS after my pump session and before my extender. I was thinking about using an ace bandage to keep it wrapped all day until I use the extender. I was thinking about it healing in that position. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Hey mate just stick to one pumping session a day no need to over do it. I can’t help you with the ads and extender as I have never used them but I would say to have a rest after pumping and maybe just bandage it up for at least 4 hrs to let the skin desensitize.

Neverworks, I am taking a day off every three days. I intend on doing two days on and one day off. I was planning on wrapping with the ace bandage for four to five hours after I pump then using the extender for another four hours. I will see how it goes. If it seems too much, then I will shorten the time. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate all your advices here.

Megzobo, I would be interested to see how you go with the extenders and pumping I might have to give it a go if it works as I have not made any length gains for 5 years only girth.

Neveworks, of course it will be a while before I see any gains since I am starting. However, I will let you know how my progress goes. I will just have fun in the meantime and not worry too much about the gains. I will measure again in a few months. Maybe three. That will give me an indication if what I am doing works.


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