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dvd needed with cockpump?

dvd needed with cockpump?

I am thinking about buying a cylinder and a pressure gauge at

They also sell a dvd.

Do you guys thinks that will add something at all the info in this pumpersforum?

Off course I don´t want to pay to much for a dvd I don´t need…

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

The tape that came with mine was totally useless as to pumping technique. If it’s the same one, opt not to take it if that will save you money.



I was wondering about this as well when I compared the price for the deluxe “kit” and just the pump with gauge and cylinder. Thanks for the input A8.

Agree with avocet 8, even if the LA PUMP video, it’s exciting and clearly about the pleasure that I can take from my body, during and not pump session.


That video is pretty much gay porn. It was useless.

Dont buy it. Mine came with a vcr tape, it was not helpful, and was an advertisment for other items as well.

If you follow Mr Avocet’s, Gprents and other Veterans information, you will be all set.

cead mile failte :lep:


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