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Hey everybody,

Pumped for the first time today. After about about five minutes tiny dots appeared all over my glans. It’s hard to say what color they were as I was doing this under an infrared lamp, but they were darker in color than the rest of the head. Is this normal?

Thanks for any help.

What pressure were you at?

And what’s the infrared lamp about? You using that for heat, or what?



I was at 5inHg. I didn’t think that this pressure would be considered exsessive.

The infrared light is for heat. I am trying this in an attempt to maintain a constant level of heat throughout my work out. Any thoughts on this?

Maybe you are getting sunburned from the lamp??



I had those in the past on my glans and on the shaft when I first started pumping—I think you are bursting small tiny capillaries—no real biggie—cut back for a while let them heal and then when you come back— try lower intensity until your penis can adjust to the new stress that you are placing it under, I think you will find that as time goes on you will be able to take more and more pressure without re-visiting that phenomenon.

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