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Donut appearing while erect in tube

Donut appearing while erect in tube

Most people here say that staying erect while in the tube helps reduce the donut effect but Ive been suffering from the opposite. Whenever I get very strong erections in the tube, donuts start to appear much sooner then when Ive got a very light erection or no erection at all in the tube.

My routine is 3 sets of 10 min at 5-6.5 hg with 5 minutes of jelqing in between pumping. If I pump with a focus on strong erections then the donut will start setting in somewhere in the middle of the second set. If I stay more relaxed then I can get through a whole routine with either no donut or barely none at all. Im wondering if it would be better to stick at just 2 sets of 10 with a focus on strong erections and try to condition my penis more or to stick with a more relaxed pumping session.

Anyone else notice this happening to them? If so, any effects on gains?

You could try pumping up slowly and staying at 5” hg for your first set and between 5 and 6 for your remaining sets. Always start each set by pumping up slowly and pausing at 3 and 4” hg to make sure you are filling with blood and not lymph fluid.

The donut is usually a function of:

a) Too much pressure.

b) Too much time.

Try reducing one or both.


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