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Does pumping actually contribute to growth?


Pumping is a very effective PE practice, but just few people give to it the time is normally given to other practices, such as jelqing, hanging or clamping. I can tell, for personal experience, that if you give the practice a correct amount of time (three hours a day) it will give you fast and impressive gains both in the girth and in the length department (cementing takes several months). For length, one has to use low time high pressure sessions, to obtain longer and longer extensions. For girth, one has to go for long (one or more hours) low pressure sessions, much better if using warm water. The base of the cylinder makes the difference in comfort. To me, as I know very well what is good for me, a home made customized cylinder is the best option. To newbies, LA, Kaplan or similar is a a good start up point. A vacuum pump may give you two kinds of discomfort:

1) base discomfort (which is the easiest to fix by adjusting the base shape)
2) head discomfort (which is due to excessive pressure)

Once the base discomfort is taken away (with a right shape) you only have to limit pressure to avoid head discomfort.

Doughnut effect is also a matter of excess pressure which can be avoided by wrapping before the glans

Putting warm water in the cylinder (absorbing) is the best way to obtain amazing and fast girth results

Diameter and length of the cylinder must be about one third more than your sizes

Jelqing (carefully) after a pump session increases the speed of gains, but, before sex is better to jelq it in the pussy and let her take any excessive swollen flesh. (do not believe when they say it’s too big…).

Perseverance wins

buby, thank you for your helpful description and advice.

I tore my pump sleeve today and will have to replace it before I can do any more pumping. I understand that the more time spent in the tube, the better the results will be. I’m up to 40 minutes per session (20 minutes in the tube, 200 jelqs, another 20 minutes in the tube). I now expand to over 7” in the tube and have a 6 5/16”BPEL, (about a 5 1/2 NBP) erection when not in the tube. When I first pumped, I didn’t go beyond 5 7/8” in the tube and only had a 4 1/2 NBPEL. Now that I’m not pumping except before sex for a while, the growing has gotten slower. I’m not certain if it’s from not pumping or if it’s from breaking up some adhesions left over after a surgery I had as a child. The release of adhesions makes the most sense because I just don’t believe that over an inch of real growth in only 2 months is actually possible.

Either way, I and my wife are much better off than we were about 10 weeks ago.

Thanks again for your advice. When I get another sleeve, I’ll be certain to remember it when I start pumping again.

You might temporarily go without the sleeve, get lots of plastic film (the one used to seal food, called domopack in Italy), and roll it over the the last three inches of the cylinder a hundred times, then cut it with scissors but leave one extra inch to fold it inside the cylinder. Very easy and comfortable perfect seal.

A one inch increase in one 2 months is completely possible, but it is not growth: tissues are elastic. To see the real growth you should quit doing it for a few weeks and measure.

Try pumping with warm water inside the cylinder, easy, more comfortable and faster results.

You just need the cylinder and the little plastic tube.

Get close to some really warm water ( I do it on the bidet)

apply the cylinder and make a vacuum by sucking with your mouth

bend the tube to seal it

put the tube in the water and release (do not lose all the pressure): some water will get inside the cylinder

do it again trying to suck all the air out of the tube

when you are done with air suck the water and get to a pressure of complete comfort

seal the tube and read something

every time water gets colder start from scratch.

Do it nice and easy: low pressure for long sessions is the best way.

If you do it in the morning (then bring the coffee to wife and fuck her)
in the afternoon
before bed (and fuck her again)

You’ll get a huge dick and a smiling wife in no time

If you quit though, only a small portion of the increase will remain.

Perseverance wins

That is very interesting. I’ve heard of water pumping before but haven’t tried it. So does the water make it more effective or just more comforatable? for the sleeve, I’ll give the plastic wrap a shot but am picking up a new sleeve next week. Thankfully, even though this is a small town in the buckle of the bible belt, there is an “intimate” store in the next town only about 40 miles away. No weird novelty stuff, just sexy clothing, adult movies, and “marital aids”. For an old guy with MS who had lost erection ability the place was heaven sent. Now that I’m doing PE, I can actually get erections on my own at times now. Who’d have thought that PE stuff was actually penis health stuff.

Water pumping is the Cadillac of pumping, for both comfort and effectiveness.

The plastic wrap works so well that my preferred cylinder has actually a plastic wrap base. Only, you have to put the right amount of wrap so that when it’s folded inside the base wall is about 1/4 of an inch thick.

For erections, try adding to your routine 100 kegels, some jelq and stretches. Also hanging gave me better erections.

Perseverance wins

Man, you’ve made me convinced to get out the saran wrap tomorrow morning when I get home from work. I really don’t know how I’ll get the water to go in and stay in my tube, but with some practice, I think I can manage it.

Just print and follow the instructions I gave you above

Perseverance wins

Buby, many thanks for the detailed explanations.

I was wondering if water pumping is good because of the warmth it gives to the penile tissues, or because the water acts as a counter-pressure. Could you elaborate more on that?

Say, can I use an infrared lamp to give heat, instead of pumping in warm water?

Originally Posted by helloeverybody
Say, can I use an infrared lamp to give heat, instead of pumping in warm water?

I wrap my pump cylinder with a heating pad while I pump. I warm the cylinder before I start with the heating pad and continue to use it around the cylinder while I pump.

Yeah, that would be nice. But is water pumping good only because of warmth?

Water cannot be compressed, hence, when the cylinder is full of water and meat, only the meat will get the suction and, in addition, the water in the bottom of the cylinder releases a lot of the base push, as it helps distribute the vacuum more evenly. Water is also a much more dense material than air thus, while pumping in water, bruises and fluid build ups are much less of an issue as compared to pumping with air. Last, but not least, due to the evenly distributed warmth, skin, corpora cavernosa and ligs become much more tender and easy to stretch. It is very easy to find out, just give it a try..! It took me years before discovering this technique. Nowadays, if for some reason there’s no warm water in the house, I get pissed like hell.

Perseverance wins

Well, I did it today, with perfect seal and comfort etc, with 4HG pressure and 10 minutes pumping. I had discoloration in some places (like spots) which eventually went away. But it is a bit scary, should I decrease the pressure?

This water pumping sounds very interesting.

Might give it a try myself.

Any other water pumpers out there? You advice/recommendations would be appreciated.

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Originally Posted by helloeverybody
Well, I did it today, with perfect seal and comfort etc, with 4HG pressure and 10 minutes pumping. I had discoloration in some places (like spots) which eventually went away. But it is a bit scary, should I decrease the pressure?

Too much pressure. Do it light, as light as you do not even feel it and go for a long session. You are not supposed to get any spots. All you could get is some fluid buildup if you exceed 45 minutes; in that case stop, do some light jelq and start again. In this way sessions can last even one hour or more, just refill when it cools up and do it nice and easy. Try the minimum pressure for the cylinder to seal.

HIH (hope it helps)

Perseverance wins


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