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Do you think that pumping creates vascular growth?


I have got to get way more vascularity. I have been pumping and clamping. The wife loves big veiny cock. I gotta get one. Vascularity is very important to me. Anybody wanna check in on the best methods to improve vascularity ? Forms of pe , supplements , whatever. Any input would be very helpful. I wanted to post a thread in penis enlargement but for some reason I can’t anymore. I used to be able to. If you are inactive for a certain amount of time do you loose privileges around here ? My mother died do I stopped everything for a while.

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Originally Posted by 4myExistence
Anybody wanna check in on the best methods to improve vascularity?

Pumping, squeezes, ulli, dry jelqing and wet.. any method/ exercise that make it swell and get veins more visible. So girth exercises is good for that.

Don’t forget edging.. with both regular kegels and reversed kegels thru the entire edging session to get a maximum full hard on as often you can.

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Heat is the key!


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