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Do pumps work?


Real good quality at lapump.

I have one question. Some PE forums says that Pumping cause impotence. Is there any true in this? Does pumping causes impotence?


Not if you pump sensibly. Overdoing any form of PE can cause erecile difficulties.

Urologists often recommend pumping to men who have ED because of the vascular benefit.



Please can any one give email of “LA Pump Distributing, llc.” I would like to purchase one delux pump.

I cannot brows,,,which is blocked by our ISP. I can go to some of the pages (not orders page) with the help of

Can any one please tell what is the procedure for postal order.


Can you see enough of the site to get their telephone number? If so, just call (nice folks) and order by phone.

If you can’t see the number, PM me and I’ll send it to you.




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