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Do I need a smaller tube?

Do I need a smaller tube?

Hello everyone !

My stats are as follows:
Base girth 6”
MEG: 5.7”
BPEL: 7.3”
Base width : 2.1 ”

Currently my tube is 2.25” and I am packing it around 1 inch further from the base.Also I am getting around 7.7”-7.8” in the tube, which surpass my BPEL.My goal after New Year will be mainly length, and I know according to the gprent graph, I need a 2” tube, but do I really need it, if I am surpassing my BPEL?I am in a dillemma

You can limit your girth expansion with tight tube (basically same or even smaller than erect girth). But besides that i don’t think that is so important. It’s very popular opinion with tube sizes, but i don’t even know how that can affect.

Starting : 7.6 BPEL, 5.5 MEG

Current: 8.1 BPEL, 5.7 MEG

Goal: To understand what makes penis to grow.

Sounds like you’re not having any difficulty with it so you’re okay.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Thank you for the replies guys ! I will stick with this cylinder

My stats are very similar to yours. I just starting pumping recently and also purchased a 2.25” cylinder. I am also packing it about 1.5” into the tube. I am extending to about 8” in the tube. While I am pleased with my progress and so far like using the tube, I am going to modify my technique based on reading others’ posts and purchase a 2” tube and use that for my first session or two of pumping and then graduate to the 2.25” tube afterwards at higher pressure. While my objective is girth, I can already see benefits to lengthening from using the tube and wish to build on them with this approach which focuses on length with the smaller cylinder and then migrate to focusing on girth with the larger diameter cylinder. I look forward to hearing about your progress and will share my results with you if you like.

Starting May, 2018: BPEL: 7.31" MSEG: 5.25"

May, 2019: BPEL: 7.69" MSEG: 5.88"

Goal Dec, 2019: BPEL: 8.00" MSEG: 6.00"

Hi GirthProject! Thank you for your reply

Yes I am looking for your progress, please update your results when you start working with the 2 ” tube.I am interested if you will surpass that 8 BPEL in the tube.

2 vs 2.25? The jury is still out for me. Frankly, it seemed that I was getting a greater length, 8”, with the 2.25. Which seems counter intuitive and not consistent with some of the reports from other members here. However, the 2” feels a little more comfortable at the opening. I may start with the 2” and on the last round or two of the day go with the 2,25”.

Starting May, 2018: BPEL: 7.31" MSEG: 5.25"

May, 2019: BPEL: 7.69" MSEG: 5.88"

Goal Dec, 2019: BPEL: 8.00" MSEG: 6.00"

Does anyone think the elliptical tubes change the outcome?

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