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DIY: What to use as tube?

DIY: What to use as tube?

I’ll put together a pump this weekend and while hoses and pumps are easy enough to find, I can’t find a tube to save my life. I’ve searched the pet shops, home depots (not actual Home Depot, I’m from Europe) and auto shops for transparent tubes but found nothing.

Any suggestions what I could use as tube and where to find it would be dearly appreciated.

Take care,


The aquarium cleaner tube is probably the thing guys use most. Looks like this:…r.asp?ast=&key=

Then this morning I was walking through the sporting goods section of a store and noticed these things that are used for paintball:…x?CategoryID=62

I don’t know how to get a hole in the top or a seal around the bottom, but they’re very well sized — about 2”X8”. They’d at least be large cheap dildos for your local size queen.

I have a plastics shop down the street that sells acrylic tubes up to 3” interior diameter. If you’re really handy with plastics that would work.

However, I’ll bet that none of these things are available in Europe. I think it’s written into the EU Constitution that DIY dick enlarging supplies shall not be available in member countries. Someone should tell that to the Turks and Bulgarians. Maybe they’ll reconsider joining.

Wait…are you in Europe, or just from Europe?

Thanks Ike.

Well, I have searched for the gravel cleaner-thingy that people have been posting about but haven’t found it. The paintball dildos looks interesting though, gotta check out the sports stores.

Originally Posted by Ike
However, I’ll bet that none of these things are available in Europe. I think it’s written into the EU Constitution that DIY dick enlarging supplies shall not be available in member countries. Someone should tell that to the Turks and Bulgarians. Maybe they’ll reconsider joining.

You are absolutely right. There are many reasons I’m against The Union, but this is the most important. ;)

Originally Posted by Ike
Wait…are you in Europe, or just from Europe?

I’m from Sweden.

More tube suggestions would be appreciated!

Take care,


Google something like: Chemistry equipment Sweden

Look for things like graduated cylinders.

What I did is just look under “plastics” the the yellow pages of the phone book, and bingo! If you live out in the country it might not show up, but any big city should have plastics places that sell tubing, flat sheet stock, and the glue to glue things together with. I called a few places recently and found they had clear acrylic tubing, flat sheet and glue for it. They will also cut it for you with a nice clean edge on it. He did say I need to buy a 6 foot long stick of each size because that’s how they sell it.

All I need to do is figure out how to cut the flat sheet into circles, probably a hole saw will work for that, and glue it on one end. I already have taps and dies, so the threads for a hose fitting is easy to do and it’s a done deal.

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I started pumping, I’m a big-time DIY person, by using an empty tube of caulk. I had remembered a clear type of latex caulk but…couldn’t find one, about $5 for a full one. So I used what I had. The problem is that the tube is opaque, can’t see through it, so a vacuum gauge is vital to this process. It will keep you informed of too-high vac level while in the tube.

I (gently now) heated the leading edge on the kitchen stove by just waving it over the rising heat and determined its pliancy by tactile engagement. Sorry, its the tech writer in me. Just feel the effing thing, when it moves easily, work the movement around until you’ve bell-mouthed the end. Then flatten it in the sink while running water over it. That will give you a uniform seal surface. Don’t push too hard or it will buckle leaving you with wrinkles on the tube. No problem structurally but will look like a bad job. If it doesn’t work to your satisfaction, it can be redone, except for the buckling and even that can be smoothed somewhat. Yep, I did it too.

The plastic is ready to move when it moves easily (funny, that), if it smokes or drips? Oops - too hot! Too cool yet, it’ll be stiff and not want to change shape. Btw, it seems to have a little bit of shape memory so if reheated, It’ll go back to a cylinder, but somewhat deformed.

Length of the tubes are around 10” and they will accept a 1.875 Dia unit (about 5 3/4” EG)

You’ll need a large-to-small tube adapter for your hose.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the replies, guys! I haven’t had time to go hunting for the cylinder, nor putting the whole thing together yet. Plan to do some serious searching and DIY-ing on thursday. I’ll keep you updated.



Hi, sorry to jump in on this thread. I was wondering if it was possible not to use a tube to do ‘pumping’ (as i dont want to go out and buy one). When I have an erection I am able to force some blood into my penis through almost flexing it, is this just a light form of ‘pumping’ as extra blood is going into my penis or is just called something else? And would this have the same effect as if I were pumping?


Caulk tube


No that’s not pumping. Do you mean kegeling possibly (flex the BC muscle and extram blood is pushed into penis)? If not then check through the Tutorial Forum and see if you are doing anything like that.

Welcome to the forum.

Memento thanks for the reply and welcome. I think its just kegeling then but wouldn’t it have a slight effect of pumping? I always feel streched after ive held it for about 1 min. I only posted in here as i couldn’t start a new thread and its sort of the same subject.


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