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DIY Electric Pump---

Experiment 2: RENA 200


This was the air pump recommended earlier in this thread (and The modifications are simple and the results ideal for most pumpers.

1. First flip the pump over and remove the two screws.
2. Pull off the bottom of the air pump. Set it and the two screws aside.
3. With a screwdriver or knife, pry back the bellows from the value assembly.
4. Pull out the valve assembly, flip around and re-insert back into the pump.
(Note that you may need to shave off the end of the valve assembly unit to fit down into the pump.)
5. Re-assemble the bellows onto the valve assembly unit and screw in the bottom of the pump.

Hooked up to my manual pump, I was able to attain a steady 5 inHg of vacuum. Connection was easy as I was able to slip standard aquarium air tubing inside the flexible tubing that ran from my hand-pump to cylinder.

The results is now I have a virtually silent electric vacuum that can sit a good 6 feet away, free my hands, and provide better immunity for leaks.

I bought my RENA 200 from Petsmart but if you are timid about modifying an airpump, you can buy the RENA 200-ES from for $40 plus shipping. That unit has both the air and vacuum lines easily accessable.

Attached Images
RENA 200 Bottom.JPG
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RENA 200 Opened.JPG
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RENA 200 Modifications.JPG
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Valve Assembly.JPG
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RENA 200 Finished.JPG
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That little pump really puts those $250-$400 dollar models to shame. One other thing about that garden center site, I also noticed they sell a 220 volt model for anyone overseas who might be interested.

Great job redbear. I go the Rena 300 and it was very easy to follow once you opened it up. I’ve used mine several time with no problems yet.


Keep working, keep learning


I tried the 200 but returned it for the 300. The 300 was easier to change as no notch cutting was needed. I also removed the whole arm assembly as the original poster said, rather than messing with the bellows. I’ll have to do a little messing around to get a system that I like, if I decide to keep using the Rena.

Pros: Continuous vacuum - if there’s a small leak at the base, it takes care of itself. Nice not to have to squeeze a handle when the vacuum guage drops below 5. Also less lube mess on manual pump handle.

Cons: No quick vacuum release - sucked a nut, the tubing was tight and hard to remove with lube on fingers. Same with trying to unplug it. Easy to put a switch inline. Sound. Don’t really care for the noise. May use more tubing and move it further away or under the bed.

Oh yeah, Petco nor Walmart in my area carried the Rena brand, just Petsmart.

Originally Posted by redbear

Connection was easy as I was able to slip standard aquarium air tubing inside the flexible tubing that ran from my hand-pump to cylinder.

Great tip. Same thing I discovered. Wish I read your post sooner. Was much easier than finding an adapter.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

What vacuum level are you seeing on the RENA 300? I’ve ordered on but it has not arrived yet.

TPS, I am surprised your unit is noisy. Mine is VERY quiet.

Originally Posted by tps
Finally got a gauge on it, touch under 7. :)

That’s a bit too high. Now you need a pressure regulator. :)

Super cool

Does Anyone who’s made this RENA pump know how it compares to the Q’S7 in terms of noise?

I can (almost) have the Rena air pump going without my roommate asking questions..
What about the Q’S7?



5.5 x 4.5 going for 8 x 6 by the time I reach 100

I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can


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