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DIY Bathmate/water penis pump?

DIY Bathmate/water penis pump?

Kinda wanting to own a Bathmate of my own but as of now I don’t have the means to afford one so I figured maybe I could just make one myself. Tried to look for any possible mentions of the idea on the forums but can’t find any so I decided to start this thread hoping I could find some people who may have just tried or done this already.

So far my first attempt at making my own version of the pump is with just a quick cut at the bottom of a juice bottle and a little hole poked at the cap. Tried it earlier today and it seems kinda okay but I’m wondering how a real Bathmate works like if there’s a stronger vacuum that acts on your dick with it? Is the whole cylinder supposed to be rigid? Tomorrow I’m thinking of looking for an old bicycle tire interior to line the bottle’s base for a better seal, maybe look for a different bottle and figure out a latch valve to put on the cap

Start: 6/19/2015 BPEL: 13.9 cm or 5.5 inches -- EG: 11.3 cm or 4.4 inches

First base: 15 cm x 13 cm (roughly 6 in x 5 in) length is done at 16 cm, working on girth ATM

The bathmate is a toy, it has no gauge.

What you need is a cylinder plus something like a brake bleeder pump. There was a clever example for conversion of a normal pump into one capable of handling water by inserting an airtight plastic tub half way along the pipe (I haven’t been able to find the thread since).

You probably can’t get around the cost of the pump. That’s about $15 in the US but I’ve no idea what it would cost you locally. There are bound to be plenty of potential suppliers though, anywhere that sells tools for cars. You can pick up good cylinders on ebay.

You should be able to buy a superior water pumping solution for less than half the price of a bathmate but if that’s too expensive look for threads on homemade cylinders.

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