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Discount Pumps for Thunders

Discount Pumps for Thunders

Hey everyone,

Since we have such a large community here and report many positive experiences, I was wondering if there was some way a deal could be worked out with PE related sites like herbals, pumps, penimaster etc..

Like a 10-20% discount on the Lapdist deluxe pump system or something to that effect. I see it as profitable for all parties as we forumgoers get discount equipment and the site gets a nice stream of revenue from it’s targeted clientele. Perhaps the “coupons” as it we’re could only be handed out to senior members or active ones, to prevent people from coming here just for the coupon and leaving. I don’t know if this would be feasible but I think it something to consider.

Thanks :)

Let’s just be happy that we don’t need to see any ads on this great forum.

From what I know about the Thunderesplace philosophy this won’t change and

you can be sure that the PE equipment vendors would ask for ads to be placed.

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estatic is right, there would need to be something in it for the vendor.

We have links at the bottom of every page to some products that have proven their worth (like the Bib hanger).

I for one am really grateful that this place has no ads.

Ahh, makes sense. I would have thought that the increased purchasing alone would have been worth it for the vendor, but then again there’s not much of a “tangible” impact without ads, and I certainly don’t want thunders of all places to have those..

Okay, dumb me :)

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