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Darkening of the Shaft


tenaciousD, wow man, thank you SO much for that response. You guys at thunderss are truly a wonderful, sincere, and helpful community. So if I am getting this correctly, you are suggesting that the discoloration is truely only superficial? Meaning that since I can still attain full HARD erections, including morning wood, my penis is not damaged internally? As I mentioned before, i did pump 2 more times after the bleeding using exactly what you suggested (low pressure ~5 mmhg and for a duration of about 10 mins) and i did not experience ANY bleeding from my urethra. So in your opinion, do you think it is best for me to

a. quit ALL PE for about a week
b. quit pumping (and other pressuring creating things such as jelq, squeezes etc) for a week but continue stretching
c. continue pumping AND stretching but keep the pumping at low pressures (~5 mmhg) and instead of raising pressure try increaseing time

Keep in mind that I do NOT mind the discoloration, even if it was to be permanent, its not THAT bad to me. I just don’t want to be doing anything to HINDER my future gains.


again, you’re post is greatly appreciated. I agree that it is from over pumping because all I do is pumping and stretching and im pretty sure stretching didnt cause this! I will try to do a bit more reading, get a few more opinions and then make my decisioin.

you’re definitly right. It’s just that withing a couple weeks of pumping and some stretching with my “autoextender vac extender” I have seen almost 1/4 in LENGTH gains and 1/8 of an inch in girth gains. The gains were so surprising that i started over pumping which is why im here now. I will definitly compromise and take it down a LOT but i think ill continue stretching till i feel healthy enough to pump again.

dt warren1942
Thanks for the link bro. I am definitly going to read it and see how it can help me :)

firegoat, I am a bit curious though. Do i just continue rolling my penis between my palms till the temporary discoloration from a PE workout fades? How much force do you use to roll? How far do you roll it?

Again, you guys are seriously the best. You’ve helped me a TON! Thanks again guys.

Originally Posted by CrazyAsHell

firegoat, I am a bit curious though. Do i just continue rolling my penis between my palms till the temporary discoloration from a PE workout fades? How much force do you use to roll? How far do you roll it?

At the end of a PE session just do a minutes light jelqing, then roll it between your palms. Around 60% erection level is good although you can even do it with 10%. Roll it with the same pressure as if you were rolling a piece of dough into a tube. How far to roll? You’ll get a feel for it; I just roll to 90 degrees each way or so, so that the whole shaft gets rolled.

You can also do rolls for 30 seconds to a minute throughout the day when you get the chance, even with a flaccid penis (it’ll tend to get just a bit of erection from the rolls).

It’s my pleasure to contribute.l I’ll never be able to give back as much as I’ve gotten from this website. Just try to pay it forward as you gather your own experiences, good and bad, and motivations or frustrations. Everybody learns from everybody else’s journey here.

As far as your options, if you are bleeding from your urethra, it is probably the same thing as discoloration in terms of minute capillary leak. It is just that the difference between your skin and the mucosal lining of your urethra allow for the urethral blood to easily leak into your urine. The cell lining of the urthra is very thin, with the capillaries very close to the surface. The skin, on the other hand, has several layers of epidermis superficial to the capillaries, so it is “tougher” and less likely to bleed. The underlying cause, however, is the same. It is more distressing to pee blood, but unlikely to be any more dangerous or indicative of significant injury.

That being said, I think it is important to clear something up: discoloration of your penis, or a tiny amount of urethral blood isn’t indicative or significant injury, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t injuring your penis. You could be screwing up your deep veins or causing any number of problems to your important nerve or vascular structures. It is just that discoloration isn’t necessarily an indication of that. Be cautious, go slow and learn what is ok for your body and what isn’t. Don’t overrun your level of experience. It is like overdriving your headlights.

As far as your three choices, I don’t think there is a right answer. Try one, see how it goes. If you run into similar problems later, try another. Figure out what works for you. This may vary depending on your immediate needs (big date coming up versus nothing on the horizon).

I know you’ve heard this a bunch, but let me add my voice to the chorus: this is not a sprint. It is good to have short term goals because they add up over time to long term goals. But to go crazy trying to make significant gains in a short period of time is not going to work and is only going to cause you problems. In addition to the risks to your short term health, you’ll be risking your long-term success, because you will likely abandon PE if you harm yourself in the early stages. Think of this as a slowly progressive goal over years. Everyone who has built a large and impressive dick using these techniques has done so over a long period of time. It is like any real life journey. Think of it like you should think of your general health and fitness: Be fit and functional and attractive at every step, but with the goal being so for the entire span of your life. A crash diet may drop you a few pounds quickly, but you’ll gain them right back, and then some.

Rock out with your cock out!

Thank you so much once again firegoat and tenaciousD! You guys are great. I have decided to take the rest of the week off pumping too! I will do warming up, stretching, and light jelking /massaging to speed up recovery. I am going to start pumping again Monday at about 3-5 HG and no more than 10 minutes! Then every day I will try to add 2 more minutes till I reach 20 mins. Then I will start raising pressure 1 HG till I reach 8. I will not exceed this pressure. If I get used to it I will just increase time. I will take pe slowly and safely and aim for a healthy and bigger cock over the long run. You guys have really motivated me and set me on the right way. Thanks again guys

I think you will find that 8”hg will be way too high, but what the hell, you will get more experience trying to get rid of discoloration.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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Originally Posted by gprent
I think you will find that 8”hg will be way too high, but what the hell, you will get more experience trying to get rid of discoloration.

You sure? Before I injured my self I was pumping at roughly 15, ALWAYS 10+…I hurt myself when I started doing this 2x a day…I don’t think I would have gotten injured if I stuck to 10, but like I said I was pushing 15 and even past that at times so I’m thinking 8 wont be bad at all.. (maybe we have different pumps and mine over estimates pressure because I don’t really get a good seal till I hit 5 HG…)

Maybe ill just hold at 5 mmhg till I become a VERY experienced Pumper, ill just started adding clamping and jelking in my advanced routine in a while.

Two quick notes:

Be very careful if you’re considering DMSO. I’m not going to give you tips - I feel you should read up on it at length. Be your own judge of it’s usefulness.

When I started pumping (recommended pressure) I noticed darkening. When I haven’t been pumping, it goes away to an extent, but it seems permanent in my case. Not severe, I guess moderate is the best word. Definitely noticeable to me. I’m not prone to hyperpigmentation either. (I’m white, light and everything is the same general tone.)

I realize your situation is unique but I thought I’d throw it out there for you or anyone who is concerned. For me, pumping created a seemingly irreversible change (that is not particularly negative, once you’re used to it.)

Hi, the darkening of your shaft comes from the high amount of blood that was in your dick while you pumped, and the blood stayed, the time will probably heal and your shaft you become to it normal color but you should warm up and do some exercises that make the blood flows trough your penis make sure it don’t coagulate otherwise you have problems later

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