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Damage to penis due to pumping?


Damage to penis due to pumping?

OK here is my question have any of you felt that your ability to maintain a hard on has decreased sins you started pumping?


The opposite has been true for me.

I had ED before I started pumping, which is the reason I took it up. After several months of regular pumping erection quality improved very significantly and I got larger; that’s the reason I got interested in PE.

Prior to pumping I had few to no nocturnal erections; now it is a very rare day I don’t wake up with morning wood. For sex I still use Viagra (I’m sure I’ll always have some degree of ED) but there is no question that my penile vascular system has undergone a great change. My dick used to be completely smooth and now has a network of prominent veins and arteries. I need less Viagra and haven’t had an erection failure in sex in at least a year and a half, probably longer.



I noticed some ED myself but attribute it to mental issues I had going on @ the time… Jeeze lookingformore, with what your packing I bet the girls your with appreciate a semi instead of a brutal hard-on… OH, questions for ya….

Your tube is (was) 9.5 inches… When you started out how far from the end were you? My tube is also 9.5 by 2.25” wide, because I obviously cant straighten out my prick inside the tube I end up at the 8” mark with 6 to 10 hg of pressure… It seems like a long way from 8.25 - 8.5 to 9.5 @ least for me it does… My question was your progress fast enough to track month by month or slow enough that just one day you reached the bottom of your tube?

hmm they might appreciate a semi version but i don’t :’( when i started out my head was about a inch from the end but my dick have not grown a howl inch outside the pump but rather gotten the ability tu stretch longer than before hope this ability will cemented as genuine gains some time in the future though my dick has gotten quite vainy as avocet8 describe…

if pumping is causing your erection to become weaker you are not doing it correctly. i.e. too much pressure, too long, no warmup, too frequent and so on.

if you are doing things correctly you should notice much harder erections and more frequent erections usually during the night when you sleep but often times during the day also.

Originally posted by ttiger
if pumping is causing your erection to become weaker you are not doing it correctly. i.e. too much pressure, too long, no warmup, too frequent and so on.

ok im listing.. usually i do 4 sets of 10 min @ -7 hg with jelks and stretches in between some times i do 3 sets of 15 min i do that 5 times a week how dos that sound?


For me your routine would be serious overkill. I’d have a huge donut and tremendous fluid buildup over the whole shaft. 7” Hg is too much for me in air (maybe ok in water?).

You might try a couple weeks with more rest days, less vaccum and fewer sets per session. See how you respond.

p.s. As a duly sworn member of Thunder’s Spelling Police, it’s my duty to point out there are two shift keys on your keyboard. ;)


Unless you want banging on your door at night, use the shift keys. The Spelling Police here are brutal. I was held for four days once when I first joined here. Constant interrogation and the food ain’t The Ritz.


I have a question: Are you experiencing less than firm erections? I mean, is that why you asked the initial question?



Lookingformore is from Denmark, the poor guy prob has to translate everything he reads here…

What dose he have to translate it to


Just keep writing. Start sentences with capital letters (or is that “capitol?”) and the police will drive off to get donuts and coffee.

So, back to what we were talking about. Are you getting less than good erections or were you just wondering if the rest us might experience this through pumping?



LooL OK I’ll do my best… bare in mined that I’m Danish.

About my routine did not know it was overkill but I’ll try to cut it down to 30 min all in all and see how i gose..

anyone else who think that 45 min @ around -7 hg in all are overkill?

I’ve gone as much as an hour… I come out of the tube on those long sessions about every 15 minutes, get another erection then go back in…


The frequency (5 days/week) of your pumping combined with the high pressure and 45+ minutes length of your routines are definitely contributing to your erection concerns. Too much and too often!

If you want to continue using the same high pressure and go 45+ minutes, then I suggest cutting back your pumping to every other day. Have a rest day in between.

If you want to pump 5 days in a row or so at high pressure, then I suggest shorter bursts of pumping (only 5 minutes at a time ) combined with jelqs/stretches in between for a total of 4 to 5 cycles or 20 - 25 minutes of pumping overall.

Hope this helps!


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