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Cylinder size and Lubricant

Am hoping it’s ok to ask this question in someone else’s thread ( soon find out I guess ) . I am roughly 7in bpel , just over 6in eg at the base & 5.5in eg at the tip . I have a pronounced forward curve . What size cylinder would you guys recommend . Am trying to take pics before I get into this seriously , especially the pumping .. But it sure is difficult to get good clear pics .


There is no way for me to take your curve into account, but for your dimensions, a 9”X2” cylinder would be perfect. Because you have good base girth, you could also make a 2.25” diameter cylinder work, and this would give you a little more wiggle room for your curve. But if you are looking to try and straighten your curve, stick with the 2” diameter tube.

GPRENT, I wanted to say thanks for your help and input. When is it appropriate to move up in cylinder size? I’ve read about filling the tube, is this when? Am I correct in the assumption that if you fill the tube girth wise but not length wise you can use that same tube to gain length up into the rest of the tube, and use a different tube for girth work?

You can think about going up .25” in diameter when you start to consistently pack, or totally fill up the tube girthwise, which may or may not include head packing. If you just start touching the sides of the tube or your base area packs, but not midshaft, this is still not fully packed. When you are fully packed, you will know it, cuz your entire shaft will look kind of squished on the walls of the cylinder.

Even when fully packed, yes, you can still use the same tube to go for length, but you have to be careful to reduce pressure after becoming packed. If you don’t, there is a tendency to get water blisters forming on the head, because all of the pressure is now concentrated there and water blisters on the head are a bitch and will stop you dead in your tracks as far as pumping goes.

Thanks GP, and by the way I love the avatar. I can’t think of a more approproate picture of Shania than that one. She’s got that fresh from the country look, although she is from Canada. Do they have rednecks in Canada?

Dammed good advice GP !!

I was wondering if someone could help me out too.

After having owned a couple of cheap penis pumps, I am now ready to fork out the cash to buy myself either a velseal pump or a lapdist pump, still undecided.

However I am unsure as to what size to get. I am only 4.5” erect girth around the midshaft, and i was thinking of gettting the 1.5” diameter tube, however now Im not sure as to whether to buy the 1.75”, as I do not intend on having to pay for another bigger tube unless things go really well. So should I stick to the 1.5” or go the next size bigger?

Any help would be appreciated.

actually I re-measured and my girth is slightly bigger at 4.65”


I think the best size cylinder for you would be the 1.75” diameter.


I agree with Gprent. Go with the 1.75”. Good luck

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Thanks for your help guys

If your numbers are correct , you could easily fit in a 1.5 inch tube , but I w2ould assume you are looking for girth—right? In that case the 1.75 is for you since there will be more room for girth growth.

The thing is at 13cm nbp im looking for both length and girth. But I think I will go for the 1.75” as that allows me room to grow if things work out well

Hey guys. I’m going to get into pumping soon but I too am confused as to which cylinder size I should get. My EG is 5.0”. Now, I read that the 1.75” tube would be good enough, but that tube would only allow me to grow .5 inches if I fill the tube right? I know those gains won’t come right away but would I be better off witht he the 1.75” tube rather than the 2.0” tube since it’ll be harder for me to fill the larger tube? Another question regarding the pump packages from; For the starter package, how do you know how much psi you’re pumping at? I don’t want to pump at unsafe psi especially for a starter. Is there anything with the starter package that allows me to know home much psi I’m using?

You are kind of boarder line as far as going to a 2” tube. What is your erect girth at the base?

Forget about the starter package. You want a pump with a gauge. If money is an issue, instead of the deluxe package, buy the pump with gauge for $60 and the cylinder for $70 and you will save $10 off the package price by sacrificing the video.


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