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Cylinder size and Lubricant

Clamping while doing the nasty?- I’d say that PE is “enabling” rather than interfering with your sex life :mwink:

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I’d go with the 2” tube. You can order them in any length.

I’ve been pumping for a very long time and find Albolene moisturizing cleanser to be the best so far.It’s what they use at porn shoots for lube.

Originally Posted by androNYC
Clamping while doing the nasty?- I’d say that PE is “enabling” rather than interfering with your sex life :mwink:

Yes! To the enjoyment of both of us. Seriously, the sensations that come from having the skin of your cock stretched and held tight by a clamp are…well…intense.

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I’m not so sure of having sex while clamped, but hey having my dick not explode is a bit of a priority for me.

Hey Million. Definitely go with the 2 inch diameter tube. I used to have a 2 inch, and it worked fine and I was around 5.25 then.

Delph, I didn’t know you pumped. What lube do you use? Have you seen any gains?

Forgot to respond to your lube question.

I like this stuff. The “silky” not the “thick.”

It is the same consistency as pre-cum. Great for PE and for sex.

But, like all glycerine based lubes, it does tend to dry fairly quickly so keep some water handy to refresh it if jelking.



Originally Posted by millionman
Delph, I didn’t know you pumped. What lube do you use? Have you seen any gains?

I don’t anymore. I pumped for a couple months then I had to sell it for smack. Actually I didn’t really feel that pumping gave as good of a workout as jelqing or claming. Although, I miss my pump and will buy another one as soon as I have money because it is nice if you are feeling lazy.

Also, if you haven’t ordered your tube yet, I highly advise you get a velseal cylinder from It is the most comfortable thing out, and I don’t know why more guys don’t have them.

Are the pics of the “users” real? I don’t see how a guy using a pump for his penis would get low hanging balls to match, something didn’t seem right about that.

Avocet did you know your info is on that site as well?

Some of their “in use” pics look shopped to me as well.

I have a girth of 5.1 at the thickest part and obviously the head is a little wider. I was wondering if I’m better off starting with the 1.75” tube go straight to the 2” tube? I don’t want to start off on the smaller cylinder if I just have to update in a short amount of time. I never knew so much science went into choosing a cylinder lol

Your could get into a 1.75 but I think your best bet is to go for the 2 inch tube ——- unless you are going for length primarily— if that is the case goto and order their thick sided non flare tube which puts more pull on the base of the ligament.

Ok, Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I have decided which cylinder to buy. I’m going to get a 10” X 2” LA Dist. cylinder as part of the deluxe package. Does this sound right for gaining length and girth for 7.5” X 5.5”?

That should work fine. Glad you are getting the 10 L tube instead of the 9”. You’ll appreciate the extra space down the road in your pumping.



I agree. Boy ! What an optimist you are Avocet !!! Love it !!!!


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