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cylinder modification

cylinder modification

I have two leluv clear cylinders I want to modify. I want to cut the flared end off the 2” and glue it to the flared end of the 2.25” one to keep my ball bag from sucking in. I pack the 2” too early so I moved to the 2.25” but said problem happens. These are thick (mold injected?) cylinders so I need to know if someone can tell me the right glue to use. I use it for water pumping so I guess I would need a water proof glue.

09-01-07= 6" Bpel & 4.5" Eg

01-2013= 8" Bpel & 5&3/8" Eg

01-2015= 8" Bpel & 5.75" Eg

I highly doubt glue will work/hold up for very long. You said you pack the entire 2” tube? Have you tried pumping in stages? Aka filling the 2” then move onto the 2.25”?

JULY 30 2012 BPFSL: 5 7/8"" BPEL: 6" FG: 4 3/8-4 1/2 " EG: 4 3/4- 5"

OCT 1st 2012 BPFSL: 6.375" BPEL: 6 .375" EG: 5 3/16 "

GOAL: BPEL: 7.5" EG: 5 5"-6" would be nice!

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