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Cylinder Diameter Question


Ah, good info, Mushroom.

>The only real advantage of a flaired tube is that the narrower bottom provides a better seal, and helps prevent balls from being sucked in for people buying oversized tubes in an attempt to stretch their investment further.

What about disadvantages? Considering most guys’ thickest girth is at the base, such tubes are backwards.

I use pumping to work on base, midshaft and head girth. I wrap the foreshaft as a donut prevention measure. Foreshaft gets enough work with Ulis, extreme Ulis, and edging while wearing a cock ring.

I’m certainly not the girthiest guy here, but even I am filling up the bottom of a 1 7/8” tube by the end of a pumping session. I’ve been blowing air in to help dislodge the base of my dick after my latter sets. A reduced size at the base would be counterproductive.

Since the Kaplan tubes seem to be tapered on the other end, they may hold more promise, but still wouldn’t suit me because I want maximum head expansion. My wrap helps provide that expansion, but it couldn’t happen if the tube is too small in that area. As you said, if the head packs before the rest of the shaft, the vacuum will pull only on the head, which isn’t desirable.

Can we make a categorical statement that properly-sized straight tubes are the best way to go? I think so.

I don’t know why tube manufacturers muck up the base when rolling it. Here is a post from a guy who has made presumably straight-walled tubes with rolled bases. I opted for a more simple solution, but his method should work. Hell, it’s just plastic. Forming it isn’t rocket science.


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