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Cylinder cushion

Cylinder cushion

If these thrombosed veins ever heal I want to start pumping again.

When I was pumping I found it a little uncomfortable where the cylinder made contact with my pubic area so I was wondering if there is a cushion that fits on the end of the cylinder that I can buy and use while pumping.

I am in the UK and the company that I bought the cylinder and pump from do not make or stock cushions.

I contacted Pumptoys in the US about the Velseal but unfortunately they will only fit the cylinders that they sell.

Do any of you use cushions when pumping?

Have you any idea where I can purchase one either in the UK or US?

Thanks for any help.


You shouldn’t have a problem getting one. When you do, get one that is made of silicone. I bought one off the shelf at The Treasure Chest in West Hollywood for about $30. I don’t know if they have on-line ordering, but they’re pretty common at larger adult shops. What size tube do you have? Most of the cushions I’ve seen are for tubes in the 2” range and are meant to accommodate flat ended tubes as opposed to the flared variety. The flared ones are those with the end of the tube (where contact with your skin occurs) reverses to the outside and points toward the other end. These may not work with the standard cushion. The 3” tube I currently use for full package pumping (dick and balls) is flared and I had to buy a special cushion from Pumptoys but it doesn’t do a good job above 5Hg, consequently, I will never buy flared tubes again because of their incompatibility to standard silicone cushions.

Hello Bluenun—Thats a great wine.

A good working cushion can be made by using about 4” of Motocycle innertube. Put the whole thing like a condom over the end of the tube and stuff about (1-2”) of it inside the tube. Lube it up. The tube will start to hold it shape and finally will loose all stretch so just buy a small motorcycle inner tube and replace it when this happens. Should ease the digging in of the tube end. Steve

Hi wanagebig, I have a 2” thickwall (1/4) cylinder which is not flared. As you say the Velseal the Pumptoys sell only fits their flared cylinders.

So far I have been unable to find a supplier. There is only one sex shop within 150 miles of me which I have visited but they have very limited stock and no pump cushions at all.

Hi Tennsteven, lol it’s been a while since I have tasted the wine.
Do you use the cut down motorcycle inner tube as a cushion?
What size tube do you buy for a 2” cylinder?

Basically Bluenun by wrapping the end of the cylinder both inside and out and around the open edge you create a cushion. I bought the smallest size which is about 1.50” tube size. Other sizes are probably available. I guess you would need about a 1.75 tube size. Hope it work out—Steve

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