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Cylinder connection method

Cylinder connection method

I bought a pump last July from Following their size chart (7”x5.5+”) it recommended the “Maxitone 12” developer with rubber ‘skirts’. I quickly realized that this was too large a bore for me (2.25”), and I want to get a replacement.

The main reason I want to change it though is because I just saw DirkGentlys pic here: pumpin’ side view.jpg where I saw it had a flange on the base which is a point of pain for me. This is especially so since the bore is over sized, and I’m always trying to avoid my right nut getting sucked in, but a flanged tube makes a lot of sense.

When I bought this tube it had a squeeze-ball type pump, and I also ordered a trigger pump with a gauge. The connection on this is a bare tube end which fits over the simple plastic nipple of the tube, remaining in place by virtue of the vacuum. On DirkG’s tube is seems to have a valve so that the pump can be removed which would be a useful feature.

Does that mean if I source a tube like DirkG’s then I also need a replacement pump? I can’t see in enough detail how the connector functions.

I’m in the UK, but will order from abroad if it is the right tool for the job. Price is not too much of an issue.

Have alook here ht

Have a look at
I have the dash maxitone 12” as I could not find any cylinders comparable to the US types.
However,I have bought a cylinder from thickwall and the quality is excellent.
They do not have the flange base,but being thickwalled,they are very comfortable and strong.
You can still use your pump,but you need the buddy or pump connector (£1.61) which fits on your tube from the pump.
The cylinder has the other half of the quick release connector already fitted.
I have the 10”x2 1/4” but was so impressed that I have also ordered a 2”x10”
My maxitone is going in the bin.

Thanks for that, I was getting quite lonely on this thread with no replies in a week :'

I think I’ll try one of those.

Just before I ordered I checked the outside diameter of the maxitone and it isn’t 2.25 as I posted, but 2.5”. Although it is too big for me, I can pack the first 3” or so lengthwise, so thought that a 2” would quickly become a little restrictive.

I also have lofty goals so wasn’t too sure about ordering a 9” :) I settled on the 10x2.25 with the adapter/connector you mentioned.

Hopefully if this makes things more comfortable then I’ll use it regularly (unlike the existing one). I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

The thickwall tubes are cylindrical,whereas my maxitone 12” started at 2.25” but narrowed

towards the end.You may find it harder to pack the thickwall tube,but there is more room for


I ordered the 2”x10” for length work,the 2.25” for girth.

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