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Cycling between low and high pressure


Ahhh, good old Basic. That was when I actually understood computers. How did that go: 10 beep, 20 x=red or something like that.

Gland, unfortunately a tape drive, but it’s fairly quick. :)

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Originally Posted by bob_jones2
I’ve been doing this with a very simple electronics system for over a year, except at a lot shorter time. 6-7 seconds pump at 5-7” hg, then release to < 1” hg (not a complete release) and then repeat with a 30 second break programmed in every once in a while.

My setup consists of a gast pump, a solenoid valve controlled by a relay being turned on/off from the parallel port of my linux computer running a simple shell script. There is no need for $500 setup like pumptoys to do what their system does.

What kind of gains have you seen with that routine?


So far I’ve gained about .25” EL and .15” EG. I haven’t been really focused on doing this everyday, i’m sorta lazy at this point.

Routine starting 10/31/05: 15 min Jelq 10 min Pump 5 min Rest 5 min Jelq/Uli Starting stats: 10/31/05: 6.5" EL, 5.0" EG Goal size: 9" EL, 7" EG


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