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Cyclinder too big?

Cyclinder too big?

I’ve been wondering if the cylinder I bought is too big. It’s recently come to my attention that I might have a slightly oversized tube, because I think I’m drawing too much scrotum into the tube to make up the difference. Each session usually ends with a feeling of being worked and expanded but I haven’t really noticed any significant improvements outside of this post session window. Could it be that since I’ve gone back to length work and rotation my girth work failry infrequently that the new length I’ve gained has caused my girth to decrease? It could just be that when I measured I wasn’t really super aroused and got a lower measurement than usual, but I’ve thought about this and I still think I might have a tube that is too big. I can say that it seems that my base seals well and is large enough to seal fairly tightly when I’m hairless, but the upper shaft just looks like there’s too much room. I’m probably being paranoid but it’s just a feeling I suppose.

It might help to know your erect dimensions as well as the dimensions of the cylinder in order to make this judgement. Plus I can’t really tell what you are doing when you are doing things “fairly infrequently”.

Results require dedicated consistency.

Well, tube dimensions are 10” x 2”. I measure out, most of the time, at 5.5” around and close to 7.75” erect length. I’ve been focused on gaining length here recently and have been going through cycles with length and rest, and have rotated onto girth work twice since I’ve started this new schedule. My length has increased significantly, while it seems that girth has decreased a bit. I’m not sure if this actually happens when you gain length exclusively, as I’ve never worked in this manner previously.

The good news is that you do have the correct size cylinder. Try to keep the lube off of your scrotum to help prevent it from being sucked into the cylinder when pumping up.

Millionman, you should check to see if the diameter of your cylinder is exactly 2 inches and not bigger, just an 1/8” larger and you’ll feel a significant difference. If it is exactly 2” and you’re still not happy, try a custom made cylinder at 1 15/16”. It might be best to use a cylinder size .5” (give or take a 16th of an inch) larger than your girth. I can vouch for the suggested size since I’m working with the same girth, and have had the best pumping sessions I’ve ever had coming down from a so-called 2” cylinder. I always had to use some sort of latex or silicone sleeve, and make sure I kept lube off the base of my dick, to assist with keeping my scrotum out before, but not now.

Just a thought, Could one slid inside a larger size tube with a clear tube which reduces the inside measurment?

And as you fill that you remove inside tube and just use tube.

That will work, but if you’re looking for precision, you may have a hard time finding the inner cylinder you need to fit inside the bigger one. Then there’s making sure it’s attached to the big one so your willy isn’t moving it.. AND that air isn’t escaping from such a setup (that would depend more on how big the host tube is though). I’ve actually considered this, but the aforementioned scenario for it to work kept me from bothering with it.

Now that I think about it, a proper padding of the inside of the cylinder would probably be best to keep the scrotum out if you don’t want the hassle of getting a custom fit cylinder.

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It’s kind of weird. In the last few days I’ve included jelqing every other day and my girth has returned to about 5.75” at the base and 5.6” at the midshaft. I think I’ve been doing so much length work, and my erect length has gone up about .25” to 7.75”, that my blood vessels haven’t caught up yet. I have been doing girth work, with my pump, for 3-4 days every 3-4 weeks and that’s why I got concerned. I guess it is true that as you gain length your girth will decrease slightly. Has anyone else found this to be true? I used to think it was BS but I guess I can believe it.

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