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Curved Pump-Tube for Correcting Curvature?

Curved Pump-Tube for Correcting Curvature?

Anyone ever tried using a tube curved opposite the direction of one’s natural penile curve to try to correct curvature? Gentle semi-erect bends and jelqing against the curve are often recommended to try to correct a cock curve, so I’d think that spending 10-minute pumping sessions in an against-the-curve tube would be even more effective…

(I realize someone has probably brought up this idea before; please forgive my ignorance of the pumping forums ;) )

I think it sounds like it could work, but finding curved tubes is not easy. Have you located any?

Not yet, and I’m mechanically retarded. Anyone have any ideas? I’m just thinking it would be a great tool for many guys’ PE arsenals.

Personally I think it would be a good idea just for doing targeted stress.

Curved cylinder?

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I don’t think that you are going to find any curved cylinders for sale. I looked. I just made my own and have been using it for two weeks. I took my Joel Kaplan cylinder, bought a $20 plumbers torch from Lowes (I would also recommend some cheap gloves to protect from the heat), heated the cylinder gradually over 5-10 minutes until the acrylic got soft, then bent it.

Thanks usp, that’s a good idea. And thanks Tube, I missed that thread!

USP have you used this tube and how does it feel being erect in the tube and it is not hard on your penis?

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No problems. It feels great. Especially the 1.75inch cylinder. I haven’t evaluated if it helps or not, since I haven’t been using the bent cylinder too long. The problem is that you lose cylinder length. I now easily hit the end of the 9 inch 1.75 cylinder, which is where I start hitting the white pump coupler. I just ordered an 11 inch cylinder, but I have not received it yet. I will probably pump more when I have the longer cylinder, since hitting the end of my current cylinder is a deterrent.

My penis bend is around 20 degrees left. My cylinder is bent approx 30 degrees right.


Just thought I would give my two cents here. I have, but not as bad anymore a curved unit. When I first started PE it was pointed to the left pretty good. Out of all the methods I have used over the years of PE…I found jelqing against the curve to be the most productive way to correct the curve.


I agree that jelqing is good to do. However, I think jelqing is boring and I don’t like getting lubricant all over my hands. I find pumping to be a bit more enjoyable and pleasurable.

In the past couple years, I had not done much dedicated PE. The only thing I really did was force the bend in the opposite direction while masturbating. This is essentially the same principle as jelqing, where you are forcing blood into the weaker side. I was not making any progress, although admittedly I was not trying too hard. I though of the idea of using a rigid structure to help enforce the opposite bend, which would be more consistent and less tiring than using my muscles to force the bend. I started with a curved PVC connector used for plumbing, but it was not all that comfortable and it was hard to clean up. I then remembered that I had old Kaplan cylinders that I had not used in a few years. I wasn’t using them, so I didn’t care if I accidentally melted them with the torch. Plus, the Kaplan cylinders only cost around $50. When I torched the tube, it did not melt, catch fire, or burn. Rather, the tube got soft and melty. It was not too hard to bend the tube, although you need to watch out that you don’t introduce any hole in the tube wall that would break the vacuum. So, I am giving this a shot. Pumping/masturbating in a curved tube feels good. I would say that it feels better than trying to force the bend in the opposite direction with my hands while masturbating.

This is just an experiment. As far as I can tell, there aren’t any people on this forum who have said that they completely corrected their bend and now have zero curve. Plenty of people say that jelqing and pumping helps reduce the bend though. I went from 30 degrees to 20 degrees, but that was many years ago. Before trying this technique I searched for a couple hours for people selling curved cylinders and people reporting experimenting with this method. There are places that sell curved acrylic pipes, but that is quite a bit different that a comfortable penis cylinder. I also did not find anybody reporting that they have actually tried this bent cylinder pumping method. I don’t mind being the Guinea pig. I am not expecting any quick miracles, but I think the method has potential.

I have a curved penis and I love it. All the women I have had sex with says it feels better than a straight penis.

And I have told women that other women told me that it felt better than a straight penis and after I had sex with them they told me “I do not know who told you that your curved penis feels better than a straight penis but they did not lie to you and told you the truth because your curved penis feel a lot better than a straight penis.”

I wouldn’t trade my curved penis with a straight penis any day.

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That is what turns me on.

And I also like making women squirt.
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Please do keep us updated on your progress (if you make any). Should the method work for you, I’ll probably buy a torch and try the same.

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