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Curved penis

Curved penis

Hi all,

I have a penis with a reasonable upward curve which I never had a problem with.

However since I have started pumping I notice that as it gets fully erect inside the pump it presses firmly on the tube and can make the head feel numb afterwards (even short sessions).

Does anyone recommend anything for this? I put a bit of lube on the end which helps a bit and a condom helps but I guess a custom made pump would be better?

Any ideas?


If you have an upward curve, a custom made cylinder (upward curved) could make the curve more pronounced (not that I know for sure, I’m just going by common sense). Do shorter setes and add downward fulcrum stretches if you want a more straight penis (an upward curve is kinky though).

I’m not to worried about losing it as my girlfriend says it fits like a key, and it doesn’t really look noticeably curved - but when its fully pumped it pushed upwards in the tube with quite a bit of force, thus numbing the head of my penis.

I just don’t want to damage anything when pumping. Thanks.

Anyone else had a similar experience? I thought curves were normal? C’mon someone :)

I have a curve, but its fine in the tube.No rubbing or discomfort.

My curve sucks.It’s a downward curve and its been nothing but a pain in my ass.

Now I want a tube that will let me pump 100% against my curve, that would be worth its weight in gold to me.

I have a notable curve to the left, and at times especially if I am in smaller cylinder my 2”it can be a bit of a problem but I just lube up well. However after lubing up, there is not much problem.

However when using my 2.25” I do not experience any challenges.

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I have an upward curve and noticed the same thing at first with the numbing of my glans. I tried applying more lube to the head and making sure that I coated the top side of the cylinder so it slid in and didn’t wipe off the lube. Now I just use a cylinder that is one size too large and go 3 sessions of ten minutes. That has eliminated any numbness. I don’t want to lose that upward curve that my woman loves.

I made a flexible cylinder out of clear reinforced 2” I.D. PVC suction hose. (I’ll post a photo) It is reinforced with a spiral of rigid white plastic wire but the base PVC material is clear so you can see what is happening. It can be easily flexed in any direction.

I had planned to use it first ahead of my 2 1/2” cylinder for a 2 stage pumping routine in hopes of gaining some extra length. The problem for me has been that the 2” I.D. is so tight that I can’t get all my flaccid meat stuffed inside without it buckling up and packing before I have a chance to start pumping it. I have to find it in a 2 1/4 I.D. hose for the extra needed space so as to accommodate my thick unit much easier.

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Yeah, a curved tube would be ideal but I don’t know if anyone makes them.. I have an upward curve but it’s not much problem. I always lube the head before entering which really helps. If I’m fully hard it will press up against but it’s nothing too intense and I’ve not had any injury from it, some discomfort though at times.

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