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Curved or angled pumps?

Curved or angled pumps?

All pumps I’ve seen are perfectly straight. I have a LA Dist. pump right now. I have a downward curve that I’d like to correct and I was wondering a possibility of a curved or angled pump (with the same opening diameter). Would this work? I could picture it in my mind that when the pump is packed, it would be packed in a curved way, thereby accentuating the pull effect more to the side of the curve. I wonder if there are any out there.

Also, contrary to what i usually read here, my base is considerabley more narrow than the rest of the shaft. So, it becomes a problem when I’m pumping. My balls don’t get sucked in but a fair amount of scrotum skin does, meaning turkey neck! To prevent too much skin from being sucked in, I pull down on my balls while pumping. This gets very tedious after awhile. My question is, there are many tapered pumps out there where the head is more narrow than the base. Is there one that’s the opposite?

You mean a cylinder? I’ve never heard of one with a reverse taper on it.

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Yes, i meant cylinder. Sorry…

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