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Curved cylinder?

Curved cylinder?

Hi. I have a downward curve that I’ve wanted to straighten for years.

Is anyone aware of curved cylinders? I would want to pump in a direction so that while pumped, my penis would have an upward curve.

Bump. I am sure that a curved cylinder could be found or even made, but I am wondering if anyone knows not only how safe this would be or how effectively it would affect the curve of the penis.

If the curve is not very severe, you can effectively pump in a straight walled cylinder, however in one slightly more narrow than would usually accomodate your girth. I’ve talked with a lot of guys with Peyronie’s (a significant number of guys get it after a radical prostatectomy) who over many months corrected their curves significantly, though I can’t remember any who got totally straight, so to speak.

If you have a pretty serious bend, countering it with a tube with an opposite-direction curve would not only be very uncomfortable but could also strain tissue on the opposite side and perhaps weaken that area, then you’d have two problems.

If you can find a company that makes curved tubes, my guess the best solution (though expensive) might be to start with one that only applies moderate pressure then successively buy and use straighter and straighter tubes as the bend gradually corrects.



I have considered this myself actually, not to correct curvature but to just apply more targeted stress. You can buy plastic tubing from Home Depot that has a natural curve to it because it is rolled up in storage that way. The tubing is fairly thick so should stand up to negative pressures as far as I could tell. However, you would need to figure out a way to fashion an end cap for it.

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