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Curve: Caused By Pumping?

My first few pumping sessions might have been excessive pressure as it was an original VED from Mission pharma without a gauge.

I switched to vacutech with a gauge and a 2” cylinder and pumped between 5-7 InHg for (3)10 min sets twice a week.This was recomended by a few members on the forum in 2002.

I noticed I had a propensity for my penis to bend slightly left while in the tube.This was not present before pumping! Was this scarring/rupture of tunica with possible destruction of helecine arterioles and/or soft tissue trabeculae?

I have had a few sessions with lymphatic build up and red dots on the glans-head, but never any bruising.

I have only pumped a few times in 2005-2007 and have noticed a slight blueish hue at the ridge of my glans.I have a few purple dots at this point on the ridge at the present time.

I have noticed my penis bending to the left during semi and erect states during sex in 2007-2008. Two additional bumps to GF’s pelvic area may have worsened my condition?

I am terrified that I have caused permanent damge to my organ.My glans do not get fully engorged as they once did before.Is it possible I damaged the small arterioles that enlarge the glans from the dorsal and bulbo-urethral arteries? I guess this type of damge may be permanent.

I wish to God I would have waited to start pumping with a gauge and very light pressures as seen by most members here lately(2-5 InHg) for 5-10 mins.

If I have compromised integrity in my tissue and vascular supply is light pumping recomended or am I risking further damage and preventing possible repair?

I appreciate any advice and suggestions.Avocet has been very helpful and supportive with my situation.Thanks in advance :up:


I did the same thing when I started pumping. My cock was discolored and it didn’t get hard for a while, and looked like it even shrank.

I took one month off and it did WONDERS. The color is back to normal and now it is growing again. I hang about 20 minutes then use my Vacutech for two 15 minute sessions but I always make sure to keep the pressure at only 5 or below.

As for the curvature, that is new to me as I always thought pumps, if anything, pull the cock straighter.

Let us know if things get any better.


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