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curvature/bending help

curvature/bending help

hi….i have a curve in my cock to my right….and was wondering can it be straightned from pumping…..if yes has i would like to hear from people who have had success from pumping…..or from jelqing to straighten it..thanks

I don’t have a curve but have talked with guys who do. Regular pumping can slowly (over many months) help correct the curve. Some doctors suggest using a vitamin E enhanced cream although the track record for using vitamin E is far from 100 percent effective.




I successfully took out a bend from Peyroinies. I still have some bend but was able to correct most of mine with pumping and Jelqing. Takes time. Low pressure and time. Be prepared to have a restored foreskin if you are cut!

bend in penis

Avocet8, some where around here I posted that I had been using Vit E for bending problems to no avail but it might work for others, I don’t know. Also the I.U. was 12,000 but I will say it does help with those pesky red dots.

Ronin_oz, I took a little bit of a curvature out of my member by pumping and doing manual stretches with me pulling straight out then I would use my index finger on my left hand, I would put the index finger of my left hand halfway up my shaft right in the middle of my member and then pull my penis to the right. ( I had a curve to the left ) it help a lot, but be careful you don’t want a bend the other way!


Why are so many guys upset about a curved cock? I have had one all of my life and rather enjoy it. Yes it means I am almost on my back with hetero sex, but it sure goes down a guys throat really well. I am severely bent down, but wouldn’t’t trade it for a straight one.

About gaining a foreskin by pe, and jelquing YES,YES,YES, I have always wanted what was taken from me and now I am almost completely covered, and going for an overhang.

Luck to you guys.


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