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CTC Cylinder

CTC Cylinder

Hi everyone. This is my first post in the pumper’s forum and even though I’ve been lurking and PEing for quite a while I have never taken up pumping yet. After reading through the forum and the great Pumper 101 manual it seems that pumping can be a great addition to the PE routine, so I am going to pick up the equipment I need to get going with it.

I have already done searches and checked out threads with cylinder recommendations and it seems that Vacu-Tech and LA Pumps clylinders are highly rated by people that have used them. But I noticed that at $50 each the cylinders sold at the CTC site are a significantly lower price than these other pumps. In fact they are the lowest priced cylinders I have found online. Other forum members seem to swear by the CTC pumps that suck and release, so I wanted to know about the quality of the cylinders that are sold at this website.

If any members that have used the CTC cylinders can chime in with their opinions on the quality of the cylinder and how favorably it compares with some of the more popular cylinders other members are using, it would be extremely helpful.

I know that hand pumps can be found much cheaper at auto parts stores or even used online but quality cylinders are another story altogether.

Thanks for your help.


Check carefully the specifications on the connection of the CTC cylinder. I think CTC’s cylinders do not have the nifty quick disconnect feature like the LApump cylinders do. This could be a minor problem if your intention is to use a CTC cylinder with some other manufacturer’s pump. I will know more later this week as I expect to receive some CTC equipment that I have on order including a CTC cylinder. I have some extra fittings on order so I can adapt all of my cylinders between systems. As for CTC quality, I’ll know more hopefully by the end of next week.

All the Best,


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The owner of CTC has an account here so you may get an answer from him directly.

Mr Tips,

Yes it is true that our cylinders do not have the quick disconnector fitting but they will hook up to any system on the market. You will just hook your connection tubing right to the cylinder without the connector. And yes our tubes are the most affordable on the market $49.00 each postage paid or two for $89.00 with free Priority mail shipping. We have a comfort gasket at the base that makes them very nice and comfortable to use.

Chris @ C.T.C.


Does anyone have any experience with CTC in general, or their cylinders specifically?

In the thread Does anyone make a 1 7/8” cylinder?, someone was looking for a 1 7/8” diameter cylinder, and I saw where CTC offered one. Someone then asked about quality, and I have no first-hand experience with CTC. There are no CTC threads in the Pumper’s Forum or the Review Forum, so I figured it was time to start one.

Comments or reviews, anyone?

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I got 48 hits. There are threads that you have not listed. I am not sure if any of them contain any info on cylinders though. The guy that owns CTC is a posting member here, although I don’t remember him posting lately.

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Searching on CTC*, Search Entire Posts, and Show Results as Posts returned 45 results for me, so additional useful results (including some that I am surprised the original search did not return).

CTC Cylinder

Electric Pump Comparison

CTC_Company is a member here, although his most recent post was 10-23-2006.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
So I guess that means there is info here on CTC then.

There is. I could merge this thread into an existing thread, or just kill it as superfluous.

Edit: Merged into CTC cylinder thread.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

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