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Couple of questions..

Couple of questions..

I’ve just started pumping and plan on having about 4 3/4 minute sessions a day with pressure of about 12 - 16max inches (for now), already seeing the beauty of it.. can any more experienced people give their advice?

Does this routine seem ok to you? I’m not really feeling any pain and doesn’t appear to damage as much as jelqing at all..

Does the bloodspotting stop after my body gets used to the routine?

I’ve read that having long sessions is dangerous which is why I chose only 3/4 minute ones, any opinion on that?

thank you very much,


Am I reading this correctly?

It would be crazy to do a 45 second set so I’ll assume you’re doing 3 or 4 minute sets.

And 12-16 in/Hg? The highest I’ve ever been in 8 in/Hg and most people would agree you can sit back and watch your penis warp at 10. Maybe that’s wrong, but if you’ve just started pumping, surely that’s a little high for you?

Sorry about my poor English! Yes I do mean 3 or 4 minute sets. Thanks for your opinion, i’ll make sure i keep it lower to start off with, although I didn’t really feel much pain even above 15 inches pressure, maybe its because i’m taking shorter intense sessions.


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