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Corona being pressed against cylinder while pumping.

Corona being pressed against cylinder while pumping.

I’ve just started pumping and I don’t know if this is an issue or not. When I’m pumping the corona (ridge on top of the glans) of my penis is being pressed against the cylinder. It feels mildly annoying though I don’t know if may be doing something negative to my penis or if it may be hampering growth.

My base girth is about 4.4, MSEG 4.6, while the head is 5. The cylinder is a 1.75 model. My penis has an upward bend. When I stick it in the cylinder I try to have the bottom of the cylinder against the bottom of my penis.

I’m wondering if this is a cause for concern and if anybody else has the same issue.

This isn’t unusual. It’s a good reason to take a break periodically during your session to, at the very least, reduce the vacuum. Better yet, pull out of the tube and do a quick massage or short series of jelqs to keep the circulation going before resuming your session.

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Are you putting lube on your glans?

Yup, I’m putting lube all over, especially the glans.

I should reduce the vacuum? I’m only doing it on 5Hg for 10 minutes. As soon as I get to that pressure the corona is pressing on the glass. Nothing else seems to be “wrong.” I haven’t felt any pain and nothing else looks off.

BTW I got it from lapdist.

I have this exact same issue the only thing I found that works is to pump at 3hg this will keep the head from pressing too hard on top of tube. It allows more expansion of the base it takes a little longer to expand but there is virtually no fluid build up. I used to pump at 5hg for months but I like 3hg much more I pump 6x20 minute sets a day 3 in the morning and 3 afternoon so far its working great. I too have the base smaller than the head it seems to be evening out with this routine. Good luck with your routine hope it works out.

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