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irishjim, ever get to try it out?

Yes, I received it last Saturday (good service considering I live in the occupied North of Ireland). I was going to wait for a few weeks before logging my thoughts on the forum. Initial thoughts are that it is a reasonably good quality product, 6” long, 5/8” internal diameter and 1/8” thick silicone. This material is very difficult to work with (not like the stretchy stuff you see in Monkerbar’s videos of his sleeves) and it took me a long time to work out how to fit it to my dick. When it is in place I was left with a very impressive 7” flaccid, and I was able to wear the device for most of the day. Having a pee with it on wasn’t too difficult, provided you kegeled out the urine that was held in by the tight constriction of the sleeve. I am using the device as an all-day stretcher, as I don’t see any practical benefits to me from using it when pumping. One thing I would say is that Monkeybar sells 2 of these for $20 ,or thereabouts, and knowing the quality of his products I would probably buy from him in future. As for the review at the top of this thread, I remain suspicious, but you can make your own mind up. I note that Kore Two hasn’t offered his thoughts on this yet.