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Condom Pumping Question

Condom Pumping Question

Pumping with a condom is supposed to decrease the amount of Lymph buildup and help stop the donut effect while simultaneously giving a great pump. Pumping is used to create micro-tears and increase the amount of blood used to fill up your junk. It is also a good way to stretch the penis with the vacuum. My question is this….. is jelqing necessary when condom pumping? From my understanding, jelqing after pumping is supposed to help clear out excess lymph while still producing micro-tears. If I were to condom pump, and had little to no lymph built up, would I still need to jelq? Has anyone else here used the pump and still got good results (flaccid hang for hours/days, increased girth/length) without jelqing after or between sets? I know we’re all a bunch of scientist looking for the right formula, so I would greatly appreciate any and all input of this question.

AWWWW C’MON GUYS………. I just knew SOMEBODY was going to chime in on this one. I think I might be on to something, but I would like to here from someone who may know better. PLEASE THROW ME SOME INPUT!!!

Originally Posted by djam07
AWWWW C’MON GUYS………. I just knew SOMEBODY was going to chime in on this one. I think I might be on to something, but I would like to here from someone who may know better. PLEASE THROW ME SOME INPUT!!!

Yu’ve got to be patient this time of the year dj. Most are away from their computers for a day or so.

Anyway. Try doing an ADVANCED search on ‘condom pumping’ and click on ‘Search titles only’

It should bring up half a dozen threads for you to browse.

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Jelking before or after pumping isn’t about removing lymph buildup. It’s a totally different PE exercise which encourages both length and girth. It just happens that combining pumping and jelking is often the key to gains.

I like to jelk before I go in the tube. Others like to do it after tube time. With condom pumping, it’s easier for a lot of us to jelk without a condom on so we go back and forth with the condom. Put it on, take it off, put it on, take it off.

Whether you have lymph build-up or not, go ahead and jelk if you feel like it. Jelking without a condom on is a lot easier, imo.



I think I might have a decent balance/formula here. If I pump without a condom, I can should be able to do it semi-erect for a long period of time with low pressure (6 or less). If I puped with a condom on, I should enter the tube fully erect and pump at higher pressures (7-10) for shorter periods of time. If I jelq afterwards, I just have to be careful to not overwork and end up with Neg PI’s. If this is the case, what’s the worst thing that can happen if I don’t jelq? Will I keep my engorgement or will I be at risk of losing it because of too much work?

6 isn’t considered low pressure. 5 or less is.

Although with a condom on you should be able to tolerate higher pressures, do your condom pumping at the lowest pressure that works for you. And use the tightest condom available.



I’m experimenting with extra small condoms because in the condom pumping thread it was said that the condom should act like a second skin. Although its tight on me, it doesn’t really give the fat flaccid hang (or donut) that regular pumping does. With the condom on, its hard to keep an erection because it is so tight. When I tried regular sized condoms, I got my flaccid hang but I still got the donut. Also, if I don’t use the higher pressures, I lose my erection. Not sure exactly what to do except get some advice and keep experimenting. My next possible routine is to jelq 1st, then get a semi-erection, then pump on low pressure (5-6) for 15-20 min. I’d like to avoid using porn, but I don’t know if a 100% erection is necessary for gains. Any thoughts?

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