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Condom pumping

Tried those once, leftovers from a Halloween party at which they provided blow-up decorations - a party which, though very successful from a fun point of view, is best forgotten.

They are thicker and can provide the compression necessary for condom pumping. I’m convinced after doing condom pumping awhile that compression inward is the key to avoiding any kind of bloat while allowing for the bounce-back response after removal.




Can you report on any results yet? What is your current thinking on this condom pumping? Did you try the water pumping? I’m 46 y.o., so I don’t get hard as easily as I used to…but I found if I keep the baseline pressure at 3-4 and jelque the tube up to 4-5 in hg, it is easier to get real hard in the tube, at least for a while. I think that getting real hard while in the tube will probably improve the results. Just my gut feeling on it. What is your opinion on it? Also, what are your thoughts on “wrapping” after pumping? Like the theraP wrist band thing?



Because of “real life” interventions, I haven’t been able to do any PE this week except some stretches in the shower. Tomorrow will be a more open day and I’ll start up again. When I do, I am going to use two condoms at one time because one of you PM-ed that he got pretty extraordinary results from that.

If you are not getting the erection quality you used to, Sparky, mention this to your doc. He will very likely give you sample packs (free) of Viagra or Cialis and this may make a big difference in both your workouts and sex.

I am one of those fantatics about the TheraP wrist wrap thing. I must have 4 of them by now; the only thing that gave me good flaccid gain. You guys who get flaccid gain along with EL gain are fortunate. I always wrap (cock and balls) after a PE session. I even wrap a morning hard-on before I pour the coffee. It took awhile, but it sure worked.



Do you feel that it helps with erect gains? Dr Joel Kaplan recommends at least 30 min after pumping to stimulate gains.


Can’t answer that. I haven’t been actively trying to add erect length or girth now for a long time. So far, no change in erect length, only flaccid size.



When I started reading this thread I thought WTF? but now I’ve finished reading it I think it’s a fantastic idea.

I have a question for any pumpers: When pumping close to your limit where you’re about to start feel some discomfort, would anyone say that the discomfort is on the outer portion of the penis mostly, or throughout?

My thinking here is that the capacity of softer outer tissues (skin, veins etc) are how we determine safe limits, whereas the target tissues such as tunica (or anything inside the tunica) aren’t getting nearly so much of a workout. I guess this is why many people say that pumping is ineffective for permanent gains.

By compressing the skin I think it would make pumping safer and/or allow a higher vacuum with the same safety level. If you pump to say 5Hg normally, and the condom(s) negate say 2Hg, then 7Hg would feel like a 5Hg without the rubber, no? I haven’t actually tried condom pumping at all yet (they’re in the post as we speak) so I can’t speak from expecience, but I can’t wait.

If the condom works a bit like a space suit (in vacuum terms), or like those compression trousers (don’t know the proper name) that fighter pilots use when pulling heavy G’s, then I presume that more condoms, thicker condoms, or even the catheters might be better still.

I’ve read that some pumpers make real gains near the base, and I’m wondering if because they’re packing that part of the tube better, that inadvertently it’s creating the same conditions as the condom is. If that’s the case then perhaps the way to go is to make a thick latex mold of your dick that can only stretch a few milimeters in diameter no matter what the vacuum, then supersize it every couple of months to allow new room for growth without overly stressing the more delicate tissues. After all, the real bottle neck with any kind of PE is stressing the target tissues without hurting the more delicate ones, be it pumping, hanging, ADS or whatever.

I think you guys are onto something, and you’ve inspired my next experiment (of which I’ll document in detail for another thread).

Thanks guys


Shiver wrote: “My thinking here is that the capacity of softer outer tissues (skin, veins etc) are how we determine safe limits, whereas the target tissues such as tunica (or anything inside the tunica) aren’t getting nearly so much of a workout. I guess this is why many people say that pumping is ineffective for permanent gains.”

When you are pulling a little more length and more girth with an average pump session - more, say, than you’d have with a regular erection - there’s no question to me that both the tunica and the cavernosal chambers within are also getting a stretching. As you do add girth gradually, the chambers do gradually expand their capacities for holding more blood, hence the thicker unit.

Do it by feel. If it is uncomfortable, wherever you are feeling that, there’s too much pressure. A tight condom does let you compensate some with slightly higher pressure, but don’t go hog wild with that when you do start your experiments. As most of us have learned here, more pressure does not mean more gain; it just means more PE out-time to allow for healing.

Let us know how it goes.



I’m going from memory here, but I don’t recall the feeling from pumping being anything like say, balooning regards tunica workout. My vacuum limits with pumping were always for fear of over doing it rather than actual discomfort. Come to think of it, the only discomforts I’ve ever felt were from accidentally popping a nut inside or where the tube digs into the pubic bone (any ideas on that one would be appreciated).

I know where my limits *were* with pumping last year, but I haven’t used it for around 9 months. I guess I’ll do a few sessions ‘commando’ this weekend to see where I’m at with vacuum levels before getting into condom pumping next week. I guess I need to do that anyway to document my new routine.

Haven’t a whole lot of time, but I’ll give you an update. I pump early in the AM. Today I used two condoms and kept them both on during three separate pumps lasting max 8 min each. I could not increase pressure above my highest, which is 8 HG. Even at that, I felt somewhat uncomfortable. Thought that wouldn’t be so. The inward compression from the condoms did not change my pressure level.

Jelking the way I do it was impossible with two condoms on. They got in the way so I abandoned that today.

What was the surprise was that after the pumped erection subsided, I was an inch longer flaccid than usual. This lasted for several hours, then dropped down to a larger than normal girthwise, but normal for me now lengthwise. It’s the end of the day here now and I still have a floppy. Have no idea how this converts into larger flaccid or erect size; but I was impressed by the experiment.



One month condom pumping review

Well I have been condom pumping for one month now. My basic routine is 5 days on and 2 days off. I do this for convenience. I pump at my office Monday-Friday and I take the weekends off.

I pump at least once a day for five 10-minute sessions. I do light jelqing in between the sessions. I use one or two condoms at a time depending if I am running low on them or not. I do not remove the condom(s) when I am doing the light jelqing. I have torn more than my fair share of condoms trying to put them back on in between the sets, so I decided to see what it was like to leave them on and just kegel and do light jelqing. I am not seeing additional discoloration at all right now. And this method seems to be working for me. I lube up the condom on the outside so that it doesn’t get stuck or drag while in the tube.

One thing I started recently was a hot wrap around the tube. I was totally amazed at the results. By the third session I was packing my 2” tube. That has never happened to me before. Not only did I pack the tube I also hit and surpassed (a couple of times) my BPEL measurement inside the tube. So I gained both length and girth while in the tube. The only time I got a comparable fill of the tube was when I pumped in the sauna. I am now a firm believer in a hot wrap of some type. I have already bought one electric heating pad but it didn’t work worth a shit so I will try to get over to Target and buy the one everyone else brags about. I have never heeded the advice of those who preach warming up to do PE but I can tell you honestly this step cannot be over emphasized.

I am also starting to do some milking of the tube. I don’t know if it does anything but it certainly feels good.

I have played with the high end of the pressure to “feel” something while pumping with a condom on. However I can tell you that it is a waste of time for me as well as potentially injurious. On the occasions where I have pumped in the higher ranges I get a odd shaped funky swelling of the shaft which make it look deformed for a couple of hours afterward not to mention the temporary darkening that I feel will become permanent if I am not careful. So I have decided to keep my top end at 5-6 inches, preferably 5. Although I do some “cycling” of the pressure for a couple of seconds at a time, I wouldn’t say that I do it enough to make any new statistical analysis or draw any conclusions from it.

Okay in the end, what do I get by spending this extra money for condoms? I use one or two condom(s) every day. I have found that if I use a better condom they last me longer and keep a tighter grip on my shaft for the longer pumping sessions. And if I am smart enough to keep my pressure in check I get virtually no donut and I have a nice fatty going for the better part of the day. I have also experimented with taking a sliver of viagra to keep my hard-on’s raging during my sessions. That is the one downfall with long pumping sessions, especially since I don’t watch a great deal of porn. Even on my 2 days off I have a better flaccid than I could have imagined.

I hope this inspires others who pump to try condom pumping.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Good assessment, 789.

(I think it is OK to say that it was he who suggested I use two condoms (like Penismith did in his original post in this now-long thread) instead of one, and not remove them between sets. A lot easier, but I miss the jelking; hard to do with them on. Still, nice results and I will continue with it to see what happens.

Hope others who try it will chime in, too.



Condom pumping

Would compressing the shaft and pulling on the head accomplish the same thing? I’ve seen these “Slingbay receivers” used by the milking crowd. They are made of pvc and have a piece of bicycle inner tube for a liner. They have two vacuum ports to them. A constant vacuum is pulled on the center port (inner liner containing the penis), and a pulsating vacuum is applied to the outer part (outside the liner). What would happen if the vacuums were switched? A constant pressure on the shaft with a pulling one on the head… The Venus 2000 looks like it can be modified too. Looks like I have a weekend project lining up…

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I wish I were mechanically oriented.


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what were your results in girth increase after one month condom pumping and what were your results before by comparison?

Thanks for your input and feedback


Seems if I reuse a condom, I get fluid build up. Can’t say for sure yet, it could have just been because it was my 3rd rep in the session.


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