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Condom pumping

Although I still do not understand all the dynamics of condom pumping, I have to say that I get better latent hang with a condom, and even better with two condoms. (Damn the expense.) The post-pump engorgement lasts far longer than without.

Packing the sides of a 2” tube with two condoms on is very impressive, Tally. That is a lot of latex inward thrust.



Thanks, Avo.

I recently moved to a one day one day off routine (basically 3 days a week). I think those rest days helps. On the days I do pump, I go out at it pretty hard. I do get some fluid retention (in the turkey neck area under the glans) but not enough for a donut or undoubtably what I would get without the condoms on.

It’s funny. It looks bigger, feels bigger and is bigger. But when I’m watching those fellows on porn while I’m pumping, I still feel that I’m coming up short (and thin) even those some of these guys aren’t all that big. Funny how that perception is.

You are bigger than you think!

The disadvantage for you is that you have no control over your camera angles; can’t so easily be your own director, so to say.

You are always seeing yourself from the same-old top position. Looks like less to you than it does to your wife or partner looking, say, from the side.

Let us know if your new rest day routine works or not.



Just thought this thread is worth revisiting - a lot of newbies to pumping have arrived since we last talked about condom pumping.



Well, I’ve read through most of this thread and I think I’m going to give this condom pumping a shot. This will only be my 5 session but after seing a little doughnut affect yesterday, I’ll see what this does. I also want to know if you guys are still doing it or everyone gave up on th idea?

Just to let you guy’s know, I’m a little over 5” in girth so I went out and bought myself a 1 5/8 and a 2” gravel gravel cleaner. I wanted 1 3/4 but they didn’t have any. So I started out with the 1 5/8 cylinder get a great seal and I pack the damn thing Immidiatly. So I thought to myself, great, I can move up to the 2” but I can’t get a good seal at all and I get some sack skin that creeps into the cylinder. I trimed my pubic hair like I read, lubed up the cylinder and still can’t get a good seal. Any ideas? I really don’t want to buy a 1 3/4 cylinder.

My thought is to continue using the 1 5/8 t’ill I get a bigger girth. Will this happen even though I’m always packing the tube?

I wonder if the skin surrounding the tunica pulls away from the tunica, much like how the condom pulled away from the shaft of your penis?

Great thread! I just read it end to end and wow is it loaded with lots of information.

My only question is of all of you guys that have been doing this what kind of results have you seen? Have any of you made any appreciable girth or length gains that you feel are directly froom condom pumping?

The only dumb question, is the question not asked. Goals: 7" Long not bone pressed 6" Girth

Yeah, id like to second that question!

Has any one made any decent girth gains like this?

Do you think it should be easier to make girth gains like this over non condom pumping?

What about medium hot/warm water pumping with condoms? Surly the warmth of the water would help… wouldn’t it?

Originally Posted by SWW007
My only question is of all of you guys that have been doing this what kind of results have you seen? Have any of you made any appreciable girth or length gains that you feel are directly froom condom pumping?

I am probably not one to talk with you about this because I tried condom pumping after I got my gains and did not want more. One consistent result of my experiments with condom pumping is that flaccid size is always larger after, than with normal pumping and last much longer.

Beast, I don’t water pump with my equipment but there are other guys here who do.



To be honest I have gotten lazy with my condom pumping. I agree with avocet8 that my flaccid does last longer but I always forget to buy more condoms. I still do my pumping everyday, I just forget to pick up condoms for it.

Sorry I couldnt be more helpful.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I am not sure about y’all, but the County Health Department gives out free condoms here.

It might be worth a try.

A few question:

1) Does a person reuse the same condom on subsequent sets of pumping? Say I do 3 sets of 10 minutes, do I get a new condom each time or is it OK to take it off after the set and put it back on for the next one? Or maybe they last a few days? Can this be cleared up

2) Do you guys use lube when doing condom pumping, and if so, what kind? I have been using Vaseline for my pumping but I hear that it breaks down condoms.

If these have been answered already I apologize, I DID read about half of the posts in this thread but it would take me all day to read the whole thing. Great information though guys, I can’t wait to try it for the first time tonight!

Previously known as Gandolf - *

You can use the same ones, if you can get them back on without a lot of air in them. Air pockets would, I think, defeat the process of compression inward by the rubber.

I use a lube on the outside of the condom, otherwise it tends to latch against the tube wall.

Let us know how it goes. It’s surely an interesting idea and does give a different result from regular pumping each time I do it.



Tristram, “I have been using Vaseline for my pumping but I hear that it breaks down condoms.”

It will also break down any rubber product on your pump, seal, flange etc. Use a water based lube and leave the Vaseline in the shed.


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