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Cold Water Pumping...

Cold Water Pumping...

Okay…I have been pumping on and off since the late 90’s…Had a couple of the cheap “Novelty” type pumps…Never had the chance to really get into it until I found myself single and had no one to hid my secret from.

This passed summer I decided now that I have a new g/f who conveniently lives an hour away, I should get a decent pump that fits me according to the size chart posted on this forum. I am just over 7.5 inches (Bone pressed) and a bit better than 5.5 base girth. I have never been told it wasn’t enough and even had the odd “I love your big cock”. However, like all of you…I am just not satisfied!

So, I bought the Dr’s 2” tapered cylinder, and I can pack it girth wise and get over 8 inches into the tube…Problem is the discoloration! I have searched here and can’t really find anything that helps.

I can go in with hardly any pressure (2-3 HG or even less) but it always gets dark. I notice that once the penis packs the tube it doesn’t continue to darken, but I don’t always pack it soon enough. It seems to be taking longer to fade as well. I have otherwise been getting great gains and erections that I could break bricks with. Problem is…my g/f and I are very visual and I don’t want to freak her out.

Now I have tried everything from a pre pumping warm up in my infrared sauna to warm water pumping, different pressures and today I decided to try the opposite and hinder the blood flow to the vessels and fill the tube with cold water. Well…After the first session I can say it is not as dark! I still eventually filled the tube with girth, but I didn’t get any darker.

Just want to know if there is anything else to prevent it or at least get rid of it?

And, has anyone tried this before?

Thanks in advance!

If you are packing the tube even low pressure can bring on discolouration. You are in effect squeezing the skin which will cause the colour change. Best to move up a size of tube.

It is possible that your gauge is incorrect. So it might be worth reducing the indicated ‘pressure’

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How long is each pump set before you take a break? Do you do several 15 minute sets, or do you just stay in the cylinder until you pack it and how long does that take?

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I did 3x15 min sets last night and again today. Less discoloration again!

I have experimented with different sets and pressure before and found the quicker I could pack the tube without discomfort, the better. It seems, once the girth is maxed I can keep going for lenght without further discoloration.

When I first got this tapered pump, I had no problems…I must have over done it at some point and made myself more prone to this…?

I have been looking at similar problems and remedies. I thought I would look up hickeys and how to get rid of them, since they are essentially the same.

You will find that pressing a cold spoon on the area followed by a warm compress is the most common. So I am going to try running warm water over myself in between sessions. I did it twice tonight and I think I could be on to something.

If someone has already had success with something similar I apologize. I try to read as much as I can here, but there is a lot of info to go through. Everything else I know I learned here so I am very open to your thoughts.

p.s Hydrotherapy is basically what this is. Many skin conditions are treated in this hot/cold water method. Water being the most effective way of cooling/warming as it is the quickest way to bring down the core temperature.

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