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Cold Penis

Cold Penis

Its normal if my penis gets a litle cold after pump?

that might indicate reduced blood flow. try slapping it against your hand or leg, or grabbing it and twiling it around to get the blood flowing again. you must avoid restricting circulation. maybe you would find jelqing more effective especiallys some of the new techniques people are coming out with

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Please explain how you are pumping. You might be doing something that would explain the coldness, which is usually the result of poor blood flow.

I pump 2 times a day, in the morning 15 mins and in the night 15 mins. My pump does not have a pressure gauge. I pump until reach my erect size plus 4/5 of inch. Its working for me. But when I finishi my pump session my penis is a litle cold, not too much, just a little. I think im not ovedooing.

I believe it’s normal. Try applying something hot to your tube while pumping.

Pumping without a gauge is not a good idea. Perhaps you are pumping at too high a vacuum?

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Get yourself a gauge RIGHT NOW! You may be pumping at too high pressure. When pumping my EL hardly gets any longer than my normal erect length, I get all the expansion girthwise. I would definitively not use your erect length as a gauge. And you know what? When I first started pumping I thought 4-6 HG was ridiculously low, if it wasn`t for the gauge I probably would have pumped myself up to 10-15 believing that was the way it was supposed to be. 4-6 HG is more than enough.

Anyway, my penis is cold too from time to time. After a session I think it is fairly normal. My problem is that my penis often is slightly cool during the day as well. Now that I have had some days off from PE my blood circulation seems to be 100 %. I guess it`s just a sideeffect we have to tolelarate for the time beeing.

Good luck and buy yourself a gauge!

Originally Posted by Pirocudo
Its normal if my penis gets a litle cold after pump?

If this happens, just do some more jelqing and/or slapping your dick against your thighs to reinitiate good circulation.


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