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cockring/clamped pumping

cockring/clamped pumping

I’ve done a lot of research on pumping. I’ve also done a lot of trial and error with the pump and I’m a little lost because of something I just read. Is it true that your not supposed to use the pump to get max engorgement or attempted packing? If this is the case, it would make no sense for me to bother with heating the tube or attempting max expansion.

I had an idea of pumping with a vibrating cockring. Vibration should keep blood engorgement and lig relaxation for max expansion while the cockring stops the outflow of blood, creating greater pressure. The cockring would act like a clamp that pulled in external pressure from the pump. The thing is, this is just another experiment. Along with this experiment, I have to wonder which rules to follow, clamping rules(no more than 10-12 min) or pumping rules (low pressure/long time or med pressure/short time)?

Could anyone give me the BEST personal pumping routine or at least some input on what I’m thinking here? If I had something that worked to help make permanent girth gains I could follow it to the letter and finally make some progress.

I’ve read 3 outta 4 of these post and that was the only reason why I ended up asking the questions. Have you ever tried it out?

I don’t know if I can help you out but I’ll experiment with the vibrating cock ring (already have a couple) and report back if I have any improvement.

My best results (and I have yet to see any gains so by results I mean PI’s and EQ) have all come from going into the tube fully engorged, as stimulated as possible, pumping up to 4hg max, and then just watching tv or something with no stimulation, no milking, no vibrating for 15 minute sets. I get the best flaccid hang, the best EQ, really it just seems to be what works for me. I have tried high pressure pumping for months in the past for example: 6hg for 10 minutes, or 4 hg for 5 minutes/9hg for 2/back down to 4 hg for 5 minutes. And alot of other combinations. I tried using viagra while pumping for maximum engorgement which made no difference what so ever. But when I do the low pressure 15 minute sets, I stay erect in the tube with no stimulation, and then when I come out of the tube I have a great flaccid which doesn’t turtle at all, and I can massage it back to full erection within seconds.

For your packing question, I think that depends on your defenition of packing. Some guys like to pack the cylinder, and come out with an awesome flaccid that is full of fluid and really great for show, but I personally don’t think lymph buildup is a sign of gains. My defenition of packing the cylinder is the difference from my first set, and the expansion I have at the end of my last set, before relieveing pressure (keeping in mind that I get 0 fluid buildup, and when I say 0 I mean I have no noticeable lymph fluid or donut at all, just a rock solid slightly larger dick).

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I never tried cockring pumping, because I don’t pump. I can just speculate that clamping will add little or nothing to pomping expansion. The vibrating thing seems unuseful at all, to be honest.

house_md if you can try out a short 3-5 hg with the rings and report back that would be gravy boat. I’m trying to remember who started the experiment of using vibration in the pump to help with gains. I’m just trying to combine as many well reported techniques to gain optimum girth.

Under6dreamof9, the way you do your pumping is how I use my airclamp. I tried the tube fully engorged and I tried it with a semi. Both ways gave me about the same amount of expansion. When I did that I came up with the idea of combining pumping and clamping. If I could pack the tube, I’d immediately jelq and then throw on the clamp for a light 10 min set. The thing is, I can seem to fill the tube. I would personally just like to grow. I know that sounds cliche, but any improvement would be a plus for me. Right now, I’m still experimenting and looking for something that will work.

I know what you mean, I haven’t seen any growth in about a year, but I know for alot of it I was overtraining, which is why I’ve been keeping such a consistently light routine since I restarted pumping again. I hope you find your groove and start gaining, wouldn’t it be great of one of us could find a universal routine with consistent results. Maybe one day hah.

I think that there is a lot of mad scientist on this forum and a lot of good information going back and forth. I really believe combining the most well known methods of gaing will work. Its finding that medium between over and undertraining….. and getting some much need input from the vets.

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