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Cheepie Pump Sets?

Cheepie Pump Sets?

OK, supersizeit got me thinking about pumping. Unfortunately I am now money-poor until after the new year. I already have a Mity-Vac (I got it years ago to bleed my bike’s brakes) and was wondering why I couldn’t just buy a cheepie penis enlarger set, discard the squeeze bulb, and use my good Mity-Vac with the tube part instead of making one from scratch? I have seen a lot of cheep pumps on eBay and even in some sex shops, and it seems to me they are much superior for a similar price than getting a gravel cleaner or finding an acrylic tube, trying to find a sealing ring, drilling holes, etc.

So does this sound reasonable? Or am I better off making a cylinder from scratch myself? Or should I just wait until I can afford a better set-up? Any input would be welcome.

You can definitely replace the crappy pump with your mityvac with very little effort, especially if the hose it comes with is easily removable from the cylinder.

I’m a pumping newbie, I bought one of the cheapie sets and it’s useless - the cylinder diameter is way too big. That’s the main reason for going with the gravel tube, the “large” size is 2” OD which is roughy 1.9” ID or 6” circumference, so it is a perfect size for EG of 5.25” - 5.75”. In my case, I’m hoping it will help even out the girth as my base girth is 5.75” while shaft girth is 5.25”. From what I’ve read, it’s the diameter of the tube that matters the most, ordering the cheap sets online you probably won’t know exactly what the diameter is. Length is not an issue as long as it’s 1” or more longer than your erect length in the tube.

Good luck,



01/01/03 6.50" BPEL, 5.25" EG

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Yes Wesb, I found size to be an issue too. I’m a bit over 6” on the shaft, but a full 7” at the base. Plus I am closing in on 7 3/4 length. Finding a well fitting cheepie has turned out to be difficult. So, I am saving my doubloons for a good cylinder. I don’t really want to work on girth, more on length. Any of you vets think I would be doing the right thing getting a 2 1/4 x 10 tube (this is what most of the sites recommend)? Or could I stuff a 2” model? I know Westla likes the thick walled Bostons, and I like the look of the contours they make. Any reason the thick walled tubes are better than the contours for length work?

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Pirate Steve,

With your present girth size at the base, buy and use the 2 1/4” diameter cylinder.


OK Peforeal, will do. Any thoughts on if there is one type of tube that is better for length vs. girth gains, or are they all really the same?

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