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Cheapest pump with gauge and where

Cheapest pump with gauge and where

Thread title. I am probably guessing somewhere online or something like that. Just curious.

Try eBay, enter kaplan and pump- I got mine <$70 all in.


I made mine easily. Just go to the autoparts store and get a brake blading vacuum pump with gauge. Got my plastic one for about $20.00. Go to the pet store to get a gravel cleaning tube for under $10.00. Put the two together. You will have to figure out how. You will need to cusion the tube and you got one. I have heard to use between 5 to 10 vacuum. The vacuum even has a quick release just like joels! So for $30.00 and no embarasment you to can have a dr. Joels home made pump!


Don’t just go for the cheapest thing that works (even with a gauge). Go for durability because, probably, like a lot of us here, you are going to get inspired and stay with pumping for some time.

Some of these guys are very clever, mechanically. I can open the hood of my car and identify the radiator and the place to put windshield detergent; that’s about it.

They have some good home-made ideas. The tech side of that is explained here in several threads. Point is, you want to end up with something that is going to last you through a lot of use.



I’ve posted some info including links to several sources for “dr kaplan penis pump” (including cylinder) in this thread PE paysites . I have ordered from getting the 2” pumping kit, 18oz lube and 60 pills for $108 although it still hasen’t arrived UPS tracking info says today is the day!

I made my system pretty cheap. I started out by reversing the action of my old car tire pump, it now sucks instead of puffs. I bought a 6 foot length of acrylic 1-3/4 tubing and a heat gun which I had for removing floor tiles.Tube of epoxy glue to put a blank on the end and way to go. Less than 20.00. Fun to do, I also made a 2 in and a 2-1/4. My next one is going to be one for my wife. She says OK. Boy it’s going to be fun taking sizes and getting a fit on her snatch.

Don’t go for cheapest or you may get frustrated. I paid $200 or so for my equipment.


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