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Cheaper alternative to CTC Pumps?

Cheaper alternative to CTC Pumps?

This is my first post to this site ever, so please bear with me. I’ve been lurking for about 5 months now and have been very hesitant to post. After reading this forum for some time, I decided to try pumping since I have been getting good results on length, but nothing on girth.

I was going to make a pump using the Mity-Vac setup with the gravel tube, but I ended up with something I think is much better. I know this may sound strange, but, my wife use to breast feed our children and has a Medela “Pump in Style” breast pump. I said, “a pump is a pump” and wondered if this thing would work. The vacuum mechanism was similar to the CTC pumps, would suck and release just the same. I checked the vacuum straight from the tube, minus the breast suction parts, and got between 1 and 10 hg since I could regulate the vacuum. The pump cycles between 40-60 times per minute depending on the voltage input, you can vary that with a adjustable power adapter.

I build a tube using 1 ½ PVC and an end cap. Then drilled two holes in the end cap and attached both of the suction tubes. Both of the tubes have tapered plastic ends, which fit snug into the cap. I’ve been using the pump for about a week with no fluid buildup and the pulsating action feels “very” good. These pumps can be picked up used on ebay for about $100.00-$125.00. This may be a strange setup, but it’s a lot cheaper than a CTC pump.


First of all, welcome to the world of posting. It’s pretty easy once you get started, and every member has something constructive to contribute to this Forum.

Your suggestion on the breast pump is a good one. I’ll have to investigate the use of this apparatus as an alternative to the CTC pumps.

I don’t have an electric pump, and I am a great advocate of regular pumping. I sort of create my own electric pump replica, by using mouth suction power (rather than a pump gauge) to continually vary the pressure inside the cylinder while jacking the tube at the same time. The overall result attempts to mimic the actions of an electric pump, and I like the pumped results that I get, i.e. thicker and longer with no or minimum fluid buildup.

I’ll let you know how it goes, if I get a hold of a second hand breast pump and modify its use for dick pumping. Keep the posts coming, and let us know of your progress.


Great ingenuity and a nice first post. Many breast pumps can be run from a 12 volt system (car or boat) with an adapter. Just the thing for guys “on the go.”


Great suggestion. I actually had give tnat same thing a try too.

If you have the money though CTC pumps are top notch. I just got my xl-3000 and I’m kicking myself for not getting it sooner. The thing is awesome. I liked pumping before but not it is incredible and way less negative side effects.

Hey Italian,

How is the breast pump working for you?

Also, you said “I checked the vacuum straight from the tube, minus the breast suction parts, and got between 1 and 10 hg since I could regulate the vacuum.” I am curious how are you regulating the vacuum?

Wow, my first post! So go easy on me guys.

Originally posted by eagle8
Hey Italian,

How is the breast pump working for you?

I’d like to know how it’s going with the breast pump too.
The mini medela battery powered deal looks promising, and
portable! I’m thinking I might just get one off of eBay.

What ever happened to this thread

Cheaper alternative to CTC Pumps?



He made a mention of a breast pump that work in the same manner as the xl-3000 but then the thread dwindled away was there any validation made to this claim??



8/06 First measured @ (starting over again) BPEL-6.0" X EG-5.25"

10/06 (2 months) BPEL-6.00" X EG- 5.50" BUT NO LENGTH :0(

Second goal to measure on 12/06 (4 months) Bpel-6.25" X EG -5.75"

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Resurrecting an old thread…I’ve recently started using my wife’s breast pump to pump with; I’ve been able to reach maximum pump length and girth in a fraction of the time compared to manual pumping. In fact, I’ve reached 8” in the tube for the first time. This may be the way to go…fingers crossed.

My Pulsar is out for repair, so I modified an aquarium air pump and tied in a feed from a small breast pump (“Bellema” Mango Plus Portable from Amazon) to an adjustable aquarium gang valve. It works quite well. Using a 1-way air check valve I can control pressure modulations between approximately 2-6 Hg. There’s quite a few more tubes than the Pulsar but the action is similar.

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