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changing shape

changing shape

Wondering if someone has some advice on how to widen girth at middle of penis.
I pump, jelq and manual stretch in various routines and have grown nearly 1” in length in a little over a year
and possibly 3/8” in girth at top. I have a fat mushroom head and thick base but would like if possible to fatten out the middle where my dick is a concave profile all around. This is mostly visible when flaccid and I have not been too concerned about it but it would be cool to have a more consistent, smooth girth.
I jelq from top to bottom and stretch from the top but have no idea how to fatten out the middle.
If it meant delaying length increase I would work on it later, as I am heading for 7” EBP and summer is on the way.
Thanks in advance for help. Soon hope to post some pics.

PE rocks

There are horse squeezes that you can try where with an erect to near erect penis, you grip at the base with one hand and just below the glans with the other and squeeze, thus pressurizing the shaft inbetween. The most extreme version is the horse440 described here:

Horse 440 Squeezes

thanks GP

I will try both

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