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Cementing Gains?

Cementing Gains?

I’ve noticed that the general consensus of cementing gains permanatntly from pumping is by adding jelqs to your routine. Is that the only way or are there other ways that can be of benifit? The reason i asked is that i started jelqing around 3 months ago and my cock developed an upward curve which i particularly like. When i noticed it, i tried to jelq against the curve and that seemed to make it.

While it isn’t too bad and some around here said they’d love to have an upward curve, i’m not a big fan of it so i’ve cut jelqing right out of my routine. So getting back to my original question, is jelqing the only way to cement pumping gains? If it is i guess i’ll have to start them up again. I recieve my pump tomorrow and i’mgoing to follow the pumping 101 thread religiously and i can only hope to get the same benifit from pumping that alot of you guys have got. Thanks for all the info that you’ve provided guys, it’s been invaluable.

I don’t know about having to do the jelks to cement the gain. I do incorporate pumping into my routine, however I jelk in between sets as well. And by the way, make sure you use I instead of i, or it will cost you.

Started June 05 BPFSL 6 1/2 SEPT 7 1/4 = +3/4" FG 4 1/2 NOW 5 = +1/2" BPEL 6 1/8 NOW 6 3/4 = +5/8" EG 5 1/8 NOW 5 5/16 = +3/16 This PE really does work!!!!!!! If at first you don't succeed, try , try again.

I take it you left the word “don’t” out of that sentence where you say: “developed an upward curve which “I” particularly like”.

I did leave ‘don’t’ out gprent. Sorry, it’s just after 6 in the morning here in Australia and i’m still half asleep.

Manuel work alongside pumping should help cement gains, also go slowly and don’t rush it.

I’m soon going to start a pumping+clamping+Manuel PE+max extender routine which I’ve had some success with in the past but didn’t stick to it because of work and motivation issues.

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