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Can't get a good pump anymore - feedback?

Can't get a good pump anymore - feedback?

Hello all,

I put away the pumps for a while and I recently began using them again after moving. I am having a problem getting a quality result from my pumping, however. Previously, my pumping would result in a lot of blood going to my glans and after the swelling (uncut and I would get a big donut) I would have great erection quality. Now, I feel like I’m just getting a lot of fluid build up. My glans are not filling as much as they were, and I can’t tell if they are filling with fluid or blood in the same way.

My old tube had a tapered entrance which hurt like all hell and was too small for that part of me, but I ended up getting better pumps. I have since bought a more comfortable tube which fits my shaft much better and is more comfortable around the base, but not the same great results. Could the tight tapered entrance of the old tube have been preventing some fluid build up?

Your thoughts and feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

If your old tube doesn’t hurt until you start to get some expansion, you might try starting your sessions with your old tube and when it gets uncomfortable, switch to your new tube. It is a technique called staging.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

It sounds to me like the old cylinder sealed the shaft to the tube so instead of creating the seal against your pelvic area you sealed against the base of the shaft which in turn focused all of the negative pressure on your pecker which focused your pumps on the target area.

I’ve found this type of seal to give me better pumps as well. I bumped from a 2” to a 2.25” tube and that quarter inch made a big difference. What helped me get a good pump was to head to the local home improvement store. I found some 2” rubber unions (might be 1.5”) that the OD of this union fits the ID of my tube. (Look for these in the plumbing section.) Next, I cut off a piece that’s about 3/4” long so I essentially made a ring. This ring seals my shaft to the tube. If I’m not getting a good pump, I use this ring. This method works well, gives good pumps, and seems to have standard ring benefits in that it helps keep the erection full. After pumping for a while it will start to feel like its time to take the ring off. You can reposition it somewhere else or take it out completely. I usually do both over time and seem to get really good pumps like this.

Critter - did you ever fix it and get a good pump again and if so what’d ya do?

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