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canadian pumpers

canadian pumpers

Do you know where i can bye a good pump in canada with different size of tube.


There aren’t any pumps here! The only one I could find was in Canadian Tire, for about $80. You can get a gravel cleaner for a tube from Petsmart. There are also other things you can do for tubes.

when i ask for tubes, its for a cylander i’m french and sometimes i’m not enough clear.

Ya, that’s what I meant, the gravel cleaner cylinders at petsmart.


You can’t find pumps in Canada because Canadians live in the woods (both figuratively and literally) and don’t know that there are ways to enlarge one’s penis. And if you were to give one a pump he would try to use to suck sap from the maple trees on his property to speed up maple syrup production.

Just kidding.

BUMP.. sorry had to do it !!

Someone must know where to purchase a good pump in Canada???? Or do I need to pay a fortune to buy online from the US??


it can be found here:

Dr. Joel’s Medical Edition Pump

Ships in one business day
My delivery date?
$179.95 Canadian

Description: Medical Edition Impotency pump created by a doctor and designed to achieve and maintain a full erection. The specially designed cylinder allows a cock ring to slide and off quickly thus preventing blood from escaping the penis. Safe and FDA approved.

Someone must know where to purchase a good pump in Canada????

Buffalo? Detroit? Road trip!

Save your hard earned dollars, and keep them in Canada. Check out [url] thats where i got mine from

Try ebay

They have them there and will ship here to canada.

I haven’t started pumping but am considering it.

If I do I will buy from ebay.

Good luck


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