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Can pumping lower one's testosterone?

Can pumping lower one's testosterone?

I ask this because this morning had me thinking, after my pumping session my one testicle was a little sore, itself did not get sucked into the tube, but a vein or something perhaps might have. Therefore, I was wondering if pumping could affect one’s testicles in such a manner that it could rupture them and possibly lower one’s test levels. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


I can’t see how that could happen.

I think it can make it go way up, when you see the dick in the tube. And go: “holy shit is that monster dick my”?

That can get you a rush, maybe even testosterone rush :D

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The soreness in your balls is definitely from pumping. Like you mentioned, a vein or something got sucked into the tube. I get mild soreness in my balls from hanging every now and then. I can’t imagine any way of avoiding this either.

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Originally Posted by marinera

I can’t see how that could happen.

I agree.

That’s a whole lot of speculation there, buddy.

No logical reason for it to be so.

Thank you everyone. My only source to back this premise up was posted by a member on a different forum, who claimed after several years of pumping his test levels have started to drop. My only thought for it, if it is possible, would be that the pump bringing the veins and other parts connected to the testicles could do damage to them after some time. I guess the best thing that I can do is just make sure I don’t suck anything else up in the tube. How could there not be any reprecussions long-term if one continues to make his testicles sore after every session?

Originally Posted by daysdrag

…posted by a member on a different forum, who claimed after several years of pumping his test levels have started to drop.

T levels do decrease with age. That could be another reason for his experience.

T levels can’t drop just from pumping. The only way levels will drop is if the nuts are damaged in some way or with age as was previously mentioned.

I am a bit of an avid pumper, have been for several years.

One thing to keep in mind is finding a comfort zone while pumping. If your nut or nuts are hurting during the session or if there is extreme discomfort, even if it’s just the pubic hair being pulled, stop and adjust to find a level of comfort. Done correctly, pumping sessions can be extremely relaxing and can be done with minimal suction for a good hour or more without any damage or serious health concerns.

One thing that works well for me is using a thick-walled cylinder and also using a ball stretcher, keeps the nuts and the sack including the vas deferens from being sucked into the tube.

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